Internet fasting while stuck in a box

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I’ve decided that from today I’ll be doing a lite digital fast for at least 2 weeks in order to overcome certain addictions.

It’s not going to be a total fast. The idea is to cut out the things that I don’t find particularly productive or particularly enjoyable.

Those include (in order of severity):

  • YouTube videos
  • Really stupid smartphone games
  • Responding to messages to distract myself from other things
  • TV shows
  • Checking the news randomly
  • Checking crypto
  • Forcing myself to engage at Hive because I feel that I should.

I will allow myself 30 minutes in the morning, another 30 minutes in the afternoon if I had a productive morning, and then free reign after 8 pm if I had a productive afternoon. Rather lenient, i’d say, but during the fasting hours I’m going to follow it 100%. This should give me an extra 2-5 hours a day that’s not spent multitasking with YouTube which essentially destroys my ability to focus on anything.

Hive isn’t really the problem, it’s using it as a distraction without putting my heart into it. I’ll probably spend a lot of my non-fasting hours at hive.

I’ll allow for 10 minutes on messaging apps in the morning just to reply to people, and I’ll open them up from 8 PM when I feel like it IF (and only if) I had a productive day, otherwise I get 10 minutes to reply to people.

All other computer and internet activity will be work related.

I will check news every 2-3 days if I feel balanced enough to not let it distract me from my focus.

That means I’m going to spend a whole lot of time doing the following

  • stretching
  • looking for students
  • teaching
  • writing my novel
  • practicing guitar
  • exercising
  • cooking
  • recording (possibly)
  • meditating
  • studying japanese
  • reading
  • catching up with friends and hive after 8 pm

I just deleted all my stupid game apps in preparation.

This is going to be awesome!


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