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RE: The Story of Money

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I was totally with you Kevin until you state that everyone should have their own currency. I don't know how well the world would fare with 8 billion currencies, let alone a million, or even 1,000. Maybe a little hard to valuate.

But I'm getting into the crypto world now, better late then never and I believe in the story of steem, bitcoin, and cryptos in general. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the valuation and growth. As long as the world governments don't unite and drop the hammer on this form of money I believe the sky is the limit.

If you want something interesting to listen to in this realm, search on you tube Peter Schiff Max Kiser bitcoin debate. That's one hell of debate by two heavy weights in the economic, crypto, and precious metal analyst world.

Where do you think Steem will be in 6 months? bitcoin? Any prediction?

And here is one last fun quiz question.....

I'm now in Chiang Mai Thailand. How many hour long Thai Massages does one bitcoin buy you?

Great post Kevin and hope you are still living the dream!

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"


Yeah I've probably gone over the edge just putting shock value as part my assessment on SMTs. Most likely not every will do it, but would be nice to see people experimenting with the technology :)

I'll be happy with Steem @ 10 bucks :) more conservatively let's say 5 in six months.. wow, about 200-300 hours of massage? haha. Thanks for dropping by @world-travel-pro. Appreciate it. I guess cryptos are really a good deal for travellers eh?

Cryptos are great for everyone! Last month I did my first crypto transaction in Luang Prabang Laos. I turned steem into Lao Kip! And it was easier than I could have imagined. Took me a total of 15 minutes starting in steem here at, moving it to bitrex and bitcoin, then to bitpay, and then going to the exchange booth with my bitpay card ending in Lao Kip! Steem to freaking Lao Kip! Who would have thought?

Regarding Thai massages for Bitcoin. Guess again my friend.......At $5,175 bitcoin/USD price and a Thai hour long massage at $4.50, that's 1,150 hours of Thai Massage!

That's lying on a table getting massaged for 48 days straight! Bit more than I can handle! lol, even though the girl today was really cute!

Just incredible knowing that just a few years ago one bit coin equaled one massage, now it equals over 1,000!

Kevin, thank you for stopping by my page, you really made my day :)