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Choices of a Modern Day Hobbit

I’ve been delightfully chubby for most of my adult life. I enjoy a semi-hobbit lifestyle full of second desserts and 4th meals, and I’ve been moderately healthy.

But within the last year, I befriended a trainer and I been working out. (Yeah!) Hard ( Boo!) I’ve lost 20 pounds over the year, I have more muscle, I stand differently, and people compliment me. Overall I look and feel better... except my face.

Because fat is removed from the body as a whole, I found my face doesn’t have that youthful spring that it once did. I look more serious and generally older. Or at the very least more tired.

So, 3 weeks ago my friend had to leave town for work, and I boomeranged back to my middle earth lifestyle. Gained 10 pounds in two weeks.
You know what I heard: “Oh you’re looking so good.” “You look great” and my favorite “Oh wow, do you have a new skin regiment”

Trust me, I’m not the type of guy who has a “regiment.”

But suffice to say the extra pounds did fill out my face. Made my skin taut. A more youthful feel.

So, Sofie’s choice, the face or the gut?
Then it occurred to me: liposuction.

You could have a full face, lean belly, and still eat like a hobbit- all for the cost of some thousand of dollars and a few weeks of belly pain.

Now.... I’m not advocating major surgery to look the way you want. From a health perspective, you should workout, you shouldn’t be reaching for that second pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

But it’s erroneous to believe that it is always possible to look the way you want, just by willpower and effort alone.

Ultimately, life is full of tough choices: the face, the belly, or the knife.

A tough thing to ponder over second breakfast, indeed.


Years ago a friend of mine that had lost a lot of weight after being seriously ill had fat cells injected into his face. They were his own, of course, LoL. It's not a permanent fix but from what I can remember, it encourages other fat cells to settle there. Could be worth checking into and you would be able to continue with the transformation. Above all else, make sure you are loving yourself. Peace

@writesbackwards like me I love food so it’s so hard for me to go on diet and I’m scared of surgery,so one day I looked at the mirror and say to my self I have to something, so I ask my self what kind of exercise I can do that I will love and I love to dance so start joining Zumba and I do that 2x or 3x a week,So we have to do the exercise that we enjoy doing.

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