Free-write Brain Fart: Why Fridays are better than the actual weekend

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Okay so I might be the only crazy one stuck in this mindset. If you're also a believer please let me know.

Friday is my favourite day of the week


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Ask yourself this question: Why are Mondays so bad? In my opinion it's because you know there will be four (or more) days like this one ahead before you get to catch up with sleep / relaxation / entertainment / your social life again. It sucks, because obviously two days never feel like enough and Mondays usually just happen, even though you might not be ready for it.

Obviously we all have different types of lives, careers and routines which might give us different perspectives on this blue Monday phenomena.

Which brings me to my reason for loving Fridays so much: I can calmly drive home from work, sing along to my playlist which is turned up much higher than usual to match my mood, knowing I have 2 and a half days to do what ever the hell I want. This usually included some serious introverting (gaming, writing, sleeping, television) running or time with family. Goodness just talking about sleep makes me dread the rest of this week. I'm very dependent when it comes to sleep. If I could, I'd sleep 9 - 10 hours each night. At the moment I'm only managing 5-6 hours :(

I love my job, I love my life at home, I just wish there were more hours in a day... like everyone does I guess. Here's to the next four days until that golden moment xD


That is why there is TGIF. Personally, I think every day is quite the same, just with a different set of routine. I still need around 7 hours of sleep to be productive though, so I have to sacrifice some of my 'productive' time just to rest my body and recharge.

I'm so with you on this as I also love Fridays. There's just something so exciting about them, I suppose it's just like a big exhale and you know this is what you've been waiting for all week.

The downside of working for yourself is that I don't really distinguish anymore between weekdays and weekend. I just work work work all the time. Will have to work on that! You can look forward to the next weekend ;-)

And an upside might be that your work rarely relies on others, you can work until you're done (with a sections I guess xD). That's one thing that gets to me, not always finishing due to time constraints. Or am I wrong? Thanks for sharing :)