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Hello friends of steemit, here I am sharing on the birthday of my friend ORLA, despite the situation in my country Venezuela, my friends and I decided to celebrate the important moments of our lives, when I say in spite of the situation I mean that it is not easy in Venezuela to buy a cake or a soda because of hyper inflation and everything is expensive and giving yourself a treat is a luxury, I do not want to tell you about what happens in my country, what I really want to convey with these images is that we should value the good times and sharing with our friends if they are important for us we will make an effort so that this friendship stays and we can spend time together.

My friends and I tend to celebrate the birthday of each one, no matter how little the idea is to share and as time goes by despite our lives change, stay together or take advantage while we can stay together.

Because unfortunately we are in a time that we do not know when we need to emigrate and we must take advantage of the time we are here.

Thankful for GOD because we are still together and despite everything difficult we can enjoy good times together.

That is priceless and we must value the small details because there is where the greatness is, that God continues to grant us to continue sharing together until old ladies hehehehe.


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