I wish the grandparents were eternal.

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We will never be prepared for the death of a family member, like that of our grandparents, but if it suddenly goes away without saying goodbye, it is painful and difficult to accept at that moment, it remains for us to go forward to alleviate the pain little by little, but in the daily life always comes to your mind your occurrences, what you liked, your smile, your anectotes, how it was with you and how you felt when you shared with them, in short that is the memory and lives with that. and you smile when you remember the fun things he did, how he solved each difficulty, the life teaching he gave you.

when we are children we loved listening to their stories, their experience in life and their jokes, that smile that comes to your memory that makes you sigh for the love that they transmitted to you, I wish they were eternal to enjoy them forever.

I really enjoy my two grandparents who today are no longer with me, my maternal grandmother left this land 2 years ago and my paternal grandfather 24 days ago, always remember them and I will carry their memories in my heart, I know that by going through the places where they liked to frequent that will bring me nostalgia to no longer see them there, but their memories are unique and will live in my heart.

Their love for their grandchildren is unconditional, when I saw them and ran towards them to embrace them they gave me a warm hug with the best smile of joy.

value and give love to our grandparents, give back that love they transmitted, I ask God to keep my two grandparents that I have left and I can enjoy them to the fullest.




I wish the grandparents were eternal


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