The essence of life is the love you have in your soul .

in #life2 years ago (edited)

We are beautiful inside as human beings, if we love our neighbor, we give our hand to our friend, that is the true essence of the love that exists within us.

The important thing is love in us that is the essence and love leads us to give, share respect, value, encourage. to be better with each other.

society has taught us that our essence defines us by how much money, fame or beauty we have, it does not matter if inside you are a bad person, but if you have money, fame and beauty you are the best, see your essence in what you have outside or physically. not that it's bad to have money, beauty or fame.

But really if you are an empty person, that you do not care to mistreat your neighbor or belittle him, you do not have essence.

Because the essence of the pen is the ink if the pen runs out of ink and stops serving, because it is no longer used for what was designed

So it is us if we do not have love, we do not have essence in us, because we were created by the God who is love JEHOVAH OF THE ARMIES.

Love, respect, value our neighbor, be better person showing the language of love, many need that helping hand to move forward, many are submerged in depression, in vices, in pain and if we treat it badly we can add them more , but if we treat it with love, we help it we can save a life.

We are of those who help, we give without expecting anything in return, that our essence is always love, towards the neighbor, towards animals, nature because we take care of everything and we will build a nicer, more pleasant place for everyone.

Do not forget that your essence is love.


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