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Rascality is personified in the poem, A Strange Guest. His presence in the life of our youths today is not doubted.
...as obvious as an elephant in a living room... Rascality has come as a strange guest and is holding our youths hostage. They like strange ways of dressing, loving music (noise) without melody and violating our culture.

For example, we have a songs like " You go wound o, you go wound o , Danger! Danger! Fire go burn you". All these and many of their types have no melody that songs are intended to give to human. Youths now have sexual pleasures without due process of paying pride price, or saving the bride's parents diligently before marriage. They pick on the girl just for the asking, with the attendant negative effects on the girl.

Tasting testing without bride price, Violating the virgin value of your victim.

The poem goes further to warm youths about the consequences of not taking elders advice, in order to escape the regrettable grip of Rascality, the "Strange Guest" that is present with us today.

In the last stanza, the poem states further that the youths may be wise and knowledgeable, but they may not be wiser than their elders, *"....however rich a youth may be. He may not have as many rags as his elder". It means elders will always be elders, no matter how intelligent or brilliant a young person is, he can't have does experience or idea than elders.

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