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RE: Succes in life is easy and free, only if you'd know!

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What a nice and thought provoking post.

It's interesting that you comment on "Also we seem to look how other people are different from us" - we naturally compare, but more so what we see in others is always within ourselves; be it a good emotion or a bad emotion. For me the point is about owning our emotions and learning how to react to external forces and conditions like your colleague comment. We can take on their issues (emotions / thoughts / feelings / behaviours / attitudes) or we can choose to leave them with them.

Loved the comments on posture, which suggested body-language too - as we only communicate 7% verbally and as much as 55% in body language! How we sit has to affect how we feel emotionally.

Thanks for getting my thinking going this evening - great use of images too! DJ


Thanks @zoedj, when I learned most of this stuff and made practical use of it in my daily life. I truly changed and felt more mature. Especially when I was able to control my emotions in though situations where if I had given in with it.. it wouldn't have ended up pretty. (like having a heated argument with family). Its for the benefit of yourself and others to just calmly adress how you feel about a certain situation and explain what you think rationally.

Thanks for reading! :)

Thanks for your reply and insight, it's great to hear how well it's served you! #Keepgoing

Kindest, DJ