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one mans meat they say, is another mans poison so why some ladies prefer to date and marry a white man,others prefer

to stick with africans .

for those of you trying to choose here are some tips that can help you in making the right choice, starting with a european

man .

1 a european husband is very romantic and patient,they prefare you tell them the truth what ever they can do for you

they will.

2 a european can do anything for you when he is in love,he can give you anything but the moment you offend him or

cheat on him he immediately file for a divorce or get a new replacement .

3 they love been treated or pampered like a baby,the moment you stop doing that the relationship ends as they have

no patience or zero tolerance to patch up relationship.

on the other hand an african man is the exact opposite

1 african men dont believe in divorce or broken marriage,an african man always believe in fixing things.

2 african men dont know how to handle truth, they tell you to be honest but in reverse the less they know about things

of your past the better for them .

3 an african man can only do things for you when they are convinced you are the one ,meaning you have to walk the

extral miles with them for them to do things for you or spend on you.

4 african men only spend money on his woman or a woman when the relationship is new ,the moment he gets her his

spending stops or reduces.

5 african men dont like been treated like a child or being pampared ,they feel you are trying to control them and be a

boss to them.

but there is onething they both share in common ,that is the love for intelligent, sophisticated and faithful women.husband.jpg

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