How to pack for a short notice trip.

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A few days ago, a friend of mine was in a dilemma on how to pack for a trip barely 3 hours away and I gave him a brief guide on how I bulldoze my way through packing my stuffs for trips barely 2 hours away and he said "You just summarized how to travel on short notice .... I love it... Great idea for a post!".
Fast forward to this morning, I found myself wondering what I should write about and then Boom!, my friend's idea came to mind and it seemed like a very good one!


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Packing for a trip on short notice (either out of negligence or necessity) is something like a flight or fight situation, adrenaline is pumping, you have got to beat time, so much to do, so little time. I regularly find myself in this situation, so much that it doesn't feel like a trip if I don't experience this rush.

We all, at some point would have to travel on short notice, so I want to be generous and share some tips on how I get it done.

Easy steps on how to pack on a 3 - hour Time budget

  • Make a list of your essentials: By essentials I mean, things you would need on the trip and cannot get anywhere else ( or would be too much stress to get), for example deliveries for your customers, work documents, laptops and their chargers, phones and their chargers, flash drives e.t.c

  • Put your essentials into your Travel Bag: The items on your list of essentials should be the first things to go in your travel Bag. Also make sure to arrange them in a way that they wouldn't be damaged.

  • Pack your outfits: when selecting your outfits for the trip, the number of days you would spend on the trip and the activities you would be performing while on the trip should be kept in mind. If you aren't too sure about the number of days you would spend, take clothes that you are really comfortable with and are easy to launder.
    One piece clothing are usually advisable as they save you the stress of thoughts on how to combine clothing items. Also take as much undergarments as possible just incase you aren't opportuned to launder your clothes on your trip.

  • Pack your BASIC Grooming items and Jewellries: I say Basic because I aim at minimizing luggage, also the trip definitely isn't a luxury trip, so go for just the basics. You could take some statement jewelries if you have any special event planned.

  • Pack your Shoes: your choice of shoes should depend on your activities on the trip. Basically, shoes to be carried along should be comfortable and STURDY. You wouldn't want to have any "shoe mishaps" when you aren't in your comfort zone.

  • Take enough cash: My rule on this is that the money in your wallet or purse before you go on the trip should be able to cover your transport expenses to and from your trip along with some extra. This is because an ATM might not be easily accessible where you are going.

  • Switch off electrical appliances: Switch of electrical appliances in your home before you leave to reduce electric bills, preserve the life of your electrical appliances and prevent a fire outbreak.

That's it guys! It's easy as pie isn't it?

Thanks for reading


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