Coming into Spring : Yellow Flowers

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Yellow flowers dotting the butterfly bush in my front yard. We have had a few warm and wet days and plants are showing that they are ready for spring.





That is awesome.... we are under 3’ of snow up here today.... view out my window. Great post @deanlogic .... @appreciator #appreciator #lifestyle #palnet #neoxian @annephilbrick #ocd @ocd


We got a ton of rain and wind for the last 2 days. They cancel schools today. It is a mess from the Appalachians to the coast.

School cancelled here too.... another “Snow” day. One day is Strike day, the next day is snow day and then they miss a day with cold or flu. Not much school happening up here in Canadaland.

I made sure not to get the boring ugly driveway and road in the shot.