12 Tips To Stay Raw Vegan in Colder Climates

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Living in a cold climate while eating a raw fruit-based diet can sometimes be challenging. There are less tropical fruits available, which is the types of fruit we often feel most satiated on. (e.g., mango, papaya, jackfruit) 

When we eat fruit away from the tropics we're forced to eat a more limited number of fruits, and it's not always easy to source out consistent, quality fruit when most fruits (wherever you live) are mostly poor quality. -Nevertheless, should this be a deciding factor whether you succeed or not? 

Is the grass always green on the other side? 

It's easy to imagine that if you go to a tropical paradise, eating a fruit-based diet will become super-simple. The reality is that fruit is picked too early, can grow in bad conditions and its quality of taste can be defeated by the markets focus on quantity and eficienty. This is the main reason people believe that eating mostly fruit has to be boring and unfulfilling. Very few people have actually tasted a wide varierity of top-quality fruits. 

Generally speaking, the difference might be lesser than you imagine. Yes, you can come across a few places where the fruit is in abundance, and it tastes heavenly good all the time. At the same time, it's useful to acknowledge that most modern countries, even though far away from the equator: Very often import decent sub-tropical and sometimes tropical produce and many fruits can be far better in your home country compared to the local fruits that are available in your tropical paradise. 

Look at the possibilities and don't use your environment as an excuse not to be able to succeed eating a raw, vegan diet. There is definitely some differences, but that's not relevant now. What's relevant is; Do you want it? If yes, then move to a tropical paradise, or just get comfortable and dedicated - exactly where you are. 

The grass is greener where you water it” – Neil Barringham

Learn, explore and make the best out of your circumstances 

How should the fruit look like, taste, smell and feel? These things are precious things to learn if you want to find the best fruits wherever you are. If you have no idea what to pick out, going for what your senses are most attracted to is a good starting point. Does it feel right? Not too hard, not too soft and overripe? What about the smell? Does it look appealing without bruises? You're still not sure if its good? Well, taste it, take a sample or just buy it - if it's lousy, you can always try to return it. 

Now, explore the food stores in your area, check the commercial ones, maybe there are markets? Asian stores? There's always the possibility of coming across something new, or cheaper fruit-produce. 

When I started eating raw in Norway one of the first things I did was just completely uncover every store in my nearby area. I had no idea that juicy, deliciously sweet mangoes were imported from Pakistan in the local Asian-store, before I investigated it. Explore! You never know what you can find! 

(14 boxes of sweet, juicy mangoes in Norway makes one happy guy) 

12 tips to succeed as a cold, raw vegan

  1. Learn what to look for, there are countless of tricks and tips when it comes to fruit. 
  2. Source out the best quality fruit by knowing your market. Ask questions. 
  3. Use the internet to explore undiscovered stores, markets etc, in your area. 
  4. Buy quality-fruit online 
  5. Focus on the fruits you can consistently count on (e.g., Bananas, avocados, seasonal fruit, dates, juices and frozen fruit is always good to have available.) 
  6. Smoothies! (you can always achieve to make a satisfying smoothie) 
  7. Stock up on fruit, plan ahead of time to make it easier for yourself. (buy more than enough) 
  8. Juice fruits and vegetables and also consider eating more salads. 
  9. Stay warm and don't let yourself get to hungry to make cooked food less intriguing.
  10. Put your focus on what you want, don't let yourself even consider failing, stay educated and inspired and just do your best. (if you fail, take it as an opportunity to learn) 
  11. Eat so much fruit that you keep all other cravings at bay
  12. Rehydrate your dried fruits for better digestion and hydration levels

No matter where you live, fruit is always and if you dedicate some time to source out and stock up on the best fruits possible you'll make it easier for yourself. With a strong enough "why" everything is possible.

"Unless you try do to something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow"- Raph waldo emerson 

Leave your comment and #upvote if you like this post. Truly grateful for any support, stay healthy and be well! 

(article is re-writeen from my blog https://fruitbasedliving.com/2017/09/27/how-to-stay-raw-vegan-in-cold-climates/pictures from pxhere.com)

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Holly molly thats a lot of mangoes! I am a big smothie fan myself!

Great stuff man keep it up!

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upvoted and followed me,,plss

Drinking hot ginger tea helps me a lot. PS Love your posts, will be visiting often:)

Yes! Tea is a good one.
Thank you, see you around!

the pakistan mangoes are the best, i miss them as they were easily available in england sometime you can get them on offer when season was in full swing like x2 boxes for £7, i need to hunt down a shop thats got them here but they aren't always available right? curious how many did u eat of those in one go?

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