What will the world be like after Corona?

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Starting in January. From one city to another. From one country to another. From one continent to another. There seems to be no discussion around the world about coma virus infection in this commas. How many lost loved ones. Some had mild, some had horrible experiences of being infected. Others are living in fear of being infected with anxiety and panic. Many lost their livelihood. Many livelihoods are under threat today.

The coronavirus has pushed the world to come up with new plans on how to survive in a suffocating situation. This terrible crisis is changing the known world. A virus came and made it clear to the world that no country is 'justified'. The sighs that the inhabitants of the developing world used to sigh with regret when they looked at the developed countries, and the sighs of satisfaction that the inhabitants of the developed countries saw in a proud manner, are now all in unison. The world wants to change with the changed look in Corona.
The most visible restaurants, gyms, bars, and parks during this transition. Those issues have been brought up in BBC Future.


The city will have to be arranged in a new plan

Many countries have now relaxed the lockdown. With the joy of liberation, the residents are rushing to their familiar places. But that familiar place is now unfamiliar to them. It's not that the place has changed. But they weren't even familiar with what they had to go through to stay in the place until a few months ago. Must wear a mask. A small number of people can enter together. Because, if the corona infection spreads again, there is a risk that it will spread in a new long-term form until the vaccine arrives. It can be from nine months to two years. Scientists also believe that what the coronavirus did in 2020 could cripple humanity with a new and similar dreaded disease in the future.
For those who plan to build the city of the future, the epidemic taught two things at once. One. The need for immediate action. Two. A new way of thinking about how we will live, move and live together.


Corona has shown that people cannot be good at isolation. Various studies say that being alone in quarantine affects people's mental health. Sometimes it even takes a serious shape. Building a safe place for people to socialize should be given priority over the recovery of the economy.
Experts have been closely monitoring Italy to understand what short- and long-term measures can be taken when European countries first enter the lockdown. Simone de Antonio, a policy expert at the Italian Association of Cities and Municipalities, wrote of the current situation on the Kefare web portal:
In an interview with BBC Future, Simone said: "There is an opportunity to start all over again. We need to work to address new public health risks as well as bring back lost feelings. This means that the space created for the public, the installation has to think anew. We need to change our social behavior. But it can also be seen as an opportunity. For example, you can start going to places that people used to neglect. 'In this case, he mentioned the traditional beer garden in Munich, where people eat and drink at long tables in the open. Institutions in other cities may also provide seating arrangements to maintain distance.

Outdoor should be given importance in restaurant-bar

Daniel Terzariol, deputy mayor of San Dona di Piave, a city near Venice, said after opening the lockdown that the administration wants to use open spaces for the public more efficiently and effectively. The main places in the city center have been made pedestrian for public gatherings at a distance. Prizes have been announced for creating the best outdoor for restaurant and bar owners. Encouragement is given to design the front of the entrance to keep restaurants and bars safe to come and go together.


In a country like India, it is difficult to maintain distance in public transport.
In India, lockdowns are being relaxed and shops are being opened slowly, with limited communication. According to Goa restaurant owner Shefali Gandhi, the outer part of the entrance will be of major importance at this time. In a city like Mumbai, people were trapped in shack apartments for two months. These memories of the lockdown will stay in people's minds for a long time. People will find the joy of social life in the open. According to him, the garden can be a good place to plan outdoor seating considering the practical aspects.
However, whether it is outdoor or indoor, it will be difficult to maintain proper distance in small places. In that case, many are talking about a plan to keep the distance of each table surrounded by plastic curtains. However, many are opposed to it. According to opponents, it will deprive people of the joy of food sharing, as well as a kind of 'prison'.
Gaining confidence will be the main controller
Many studies suggest that the most important factor in this is gaining confidence. In those studies, trust has been identified as the backbone of social and economic recovery. To return to normal life, people everywhere need to believe that they are safe and that others are taking care of their own safety.
According to Aditi Rathore of the Observer Research Foundation, a non-profit organization in India, confidence is now the key to rebuilding people's confidence in public gatherings, whether open or private.

It is not necessary to go to the gym to stay healthy

Gymnasiums took action at the beginning of the epidemic in the interest of the safety of their members. The gyms were the first to take measures, including cleanliness and security before the government-imposed restrictions. Escape Fitness, a UK-based company, has chain gyms in more than 70 countries. According to Hackney-Williams, the organization's head of content, the lockdown has led people to realize that it's not necessary to spend hours in the gym to keep fit. Running in the park or following a light routine is enough to stay healthy. He hopes that in the future, people will not see Jim as an elite place but as a place to stay healthy.


The coronavirus epidemic has forced the reorganization of public spaces. Lockdown has given people time to think that we want to see social life in this way. The crowds, the bustling bars, the theaters, and the gym may have to say goodbye to us, which was our favorite subject, at least for a while. But we have a unique opportunity to be together in a new place, to discover something new, to imagine something new from this coronavirus spot.

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