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Last week I visited Ayubia to enjoy winter snowfall. During this trip, I had the least hope to see any bird as mostly they had migrated to lower altitudes. Still, I saw some birds, and the first one was Green-backed tit. They live in small flocks and mostly travel on top of the tree. They are tiny and very agile. I hid behind the tree and was lucky to capture some photographs. Their black and green colors are very beautiful.




During this trip, I also saw Common raven. They were in a large number and I saw them everywhere from forest to urban area. They are very aggressive and fight with each other and also try to fight with other birds. Because of Raven many small birds and sometimes raptors avoid their presence.




I parked my car in an open parking ground and was disappointed that I could not find any new bird. Suddenly a lifer bird for me came and sat on a nearby tree. This was a Himalayan woodpecker and was busy finding insects on trees. I saw this bird first time and tried to take some shots for the record.





I also saw Steppe eagle sitting on a high tree. Raven flock was attacking the eagle and soon he flew away. On my way back I saw this bird again flying and searching for prey. I also saw common myna, house sparrows, and some more common resident birds.




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