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Ever wondered why your perfume does not last long when you spray them? It is probably because you have not been spraying correctly. Most times, you are in a hurry, and so, you shabbily spray on your clothes and zoom off. If you concentrate on sensitive parts of your body, then your perfume is sure to last better.

It is advisable to apply perfumes on your body before wearing clothes so that your skin absorbs the fragrance. In doing this, you should avoid your eyes and any open wound because it would hurt.
Your hair is another flashpoint because your hair holds fragrance that follows you from one point to another. The perfume attaches to hair products like shampoo, thereby making it last longer.

Spraying perfume on top of your ear also makes it last longer. The most popular style is to spray behind the ear, but spraying on top of the ear is more profitable if you want a long-lasting fragrance.
Your elbow is a sensitive part of your body where your veins are close to your skin. Both roll on and perfume can be applied there.

The soft area behind your knees is another perfect venue for perfumes. As you move around, the fragrance from the knee envelopes the room. The back of the knee is always warm; therefore, can capture a scent.