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RE: Coming into Spring : Green Stars

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Hey... I was able to get 2 other Steemians accepted on HideoutTV if you want to give it a try I can send your Youtube Channel to Tony the Director over there....

I signed up to be a Creator on HideoutTV about 6 months ago.

I post some of my Lola (Golden Retriever) Travel and artwork videos there and I am now earning about $200 a month.

You get a lot of views on your videos since people also earn Bitcoin for watching your movies.

If you are tired of creating quality videos and not being paid give HideoutTV a try....

Referral Link:


Right now, I'm having an issue with my video editing software. So, I need that to be fixed before I can make any more videos.

You can upload old videos to Hideout.... all your old videos are great.

I uploaded some that are from 2006 ... No idea what I was using fore a camera way back then. Maybe a Super 8 ?