We'll see how things go.

Also.... HideoutTV tells me they are desperately looking for Creators of videos on Survival, preppers, how to become self sufficient, how to survive a global pandemic, grow your own food, gardening etc etc .... even old videos .... if you have any of these you will be featured .... You should definitely share your videos on HideoutTV... they pay much better than Youtube. Tell them OffgridTV recommended ....…

Also, If you know others that create videos like this and you have a referral link ( After you join) you get $50 if they get accepted as a HideoutTV Creator. So far I have helped 2 other Steemians get accepted and they are doing very well on HideoutTV

HideoutTV Contact : [email protected]

I think I finally got creator approval the other day.

That is awesome. Let me know when your videos are posted and I will go watch them and share on Twitter....