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I am @rasel72. From #Bangladesh.🇧🇩


🖋️🖋️🖋️MY DIARY🖋️🖋️🖋️

⛅Morning ⛅

Today I woke up in the morning, came from the washroom and brushed my teeth. Then I was ready to wash my hands and face. When I was ready, I went to the river bank to take my bicycle to study. Today I went to the river bank and saw that only the boat left. I was angry. Then after a long time the boat came. I went across the river to fall. It was a little late for me to go to school today.

After that I finished eating and went to teach my sir's students at 9:30. On the other hand, Sir, I went to teach Sir's students to be busy for a few days. Then I taught three batches of students one by one. Today I taught two batches of 10th class and one batch of ninth class. It was 1 o'clock when I finished teaching. Then I went to Dutch Bangla Agent Bank. I had a job to do. Then my father called me to go to his job. I went to him from the bank.



Kumarkhali Bazar
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Then my father told me to buy fish with some money. I crossed the river with money and came home. Then I bought one kg of bata fish from Lalon Bazar. Then I bought fish and went home. I came home and saw that it was more than 2 o'clock. Then I changed my clothes. Then I went to the tubewell to take a bath. After taking a bath, I came to the room and read my clothes.

Then I ate lunch. I ate lunch and watched TV on my own. After finishing my meal I watched TV for some more time. Then I sat on my bed and played messenger on the phone for some time. Then I went to perform Asr prayers.


When I came, I saw a lot of donkeys in a house next to the mosque. I went there and took pictures of many flowers.



"Picture of donkey flower" taken while coming from prayers
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Then I came home and lay down on the bed. Today I am a little tired so I slept for some time. Then I woke up and saw that Maghrib Azan has been called. I performed Maghrib prayers at home.


Then I finished the prayers and went to shake my legs. The pain subsided. Then I came and sat down to shake my legs. Then my friend came to my house. I did the math while talking to him. I went to Lalon Bazaar with him. To bring money from Bikash. I went to fetch the money sent by my cousin.


Going to the development store
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I like to see the night markets. I like to walk around at night.



Night market scene
"Plus Code:(R6XM+XH Kumarkhali,Bangladesh)

Then I took the money and came home. When I came home I came to my uncle with the money. Then I started writing my post. After posting I will eat dinner. That's how the day went.

Thank you everyone for reading my post.


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