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Domesticated Style

1 plant.jpg
This is my propagation station

Welcome to my newest and most loved hobby - being the PLANT LADY 🌴

I received my first ever plant from my stepmum after a cute little accomplishment of mine - The Poinsettia. 🌹 This was in December of 2019. It was so beautiful and red over the summer and then it slowly dropped its red leaves and morphed colours. I thought what is this sorcery!

And then I started to become more intrigued, as I'm sure a lot of the world did, when Covid hit the world.

A year on (literally a year on for us in New Zealand, our covid lockdown was for the month of April 2020), I have purchased and brought home a ton of new house plants. I've learnt so much about plants in general and I feel like Poison Ivy, only less violent 😈

I continue to fill my house with living, breathing, beautiful plants of all sizes and take regular progress photos of my plant babies, as I'm sure all plant ladies do. Here are a few taken just a few days ago, I was super proud that I wanted to show them off with the internet and with the Steemit world.

vertical line.png

These are my cute little succulents. They all range in age, length they have been my babies, whether they are mums or pups and its actually a little hard to see the detail due to my photo quality sorry haha, but my favourite is the beauty smack bang at the top in the middle - like the Queen that she is 👑 👑 👑

I also love the little mini succulent right next to my queen, and as I am typing this my entire brain has gone blank for plant names. But I do know this one! Just not right now.. So cuuuute!!

vertical line.png

You might also notice the little aesthetic theme I am trying to pull off - Shades of White, Brown and Life!

Now this photo is of a cute little area in my living room that I've showcased some hanging plants and arent they the cutest! Applaud me on my makeshift skills because renter-life hahaha but I really love it. Also this area doubles as my cat's territory/palace but thats for another post, you wait guys haha 😸😸😸

My favourite plant in this area would actually be the baby on the right - I have no idea what this one is called but it is soo cute. Everyone knows about the spider plants, and theyre pretty fun to propagate but baby whats-its-name is an underdog.

vertical line.png

Here are my other plants but with less description so not to bore you - I hope you love looking at them as much as I do.

My Heartleaf philodendron, Syngonium and Elephant ear

The heartleft philodendron is literally gorgeous! I bought it in December 2020 in a plastic cup with two baby leaves and it has just been so rewarding to watch grow. My syngonium was propped from my mum's plant. I've since propped it two more times and added to the bunch and I cannot wait for it to grow big and luscious. The elephant ear I just rescued the other day, it was about to be sprayed so I quickly snagged it and hope it can acclimate indoors and thrive.. fingers crossed ✌️

vertical line.png

My Peace Lily, Zebra, Polka dot, Calathea, and aesthetic monstera leaf along with a few succulent babies

I've read that peace lillies are totally poisonous for cats and dogs so I wanted to keep her somewhere high, away from my cat and large enough that everyone will say wow 😉

My plant that I have wrapping around the basket (which doesnt that look so fricking cool) was propped from a family friend's backyard when I housesat their home over summer. Three months on and the babies are thriving. I want to say she's a type of tradescantia but again, not sure.

I also love my Calathea so much, definitely Top 2. I have read and heard that calathea's can be super fussy and hard to keep happy so that alone is rewarding. My partner bought her for a xmas present and since then she has shot out 7 new leaves. I totally mist her and attend to her every need and am just so happy with her growth.

vertical line.png

This is my cute little Poinsettia, two summers on now. I have read that you are meant to chop them down after summer so that can grow again for the next year but I seem to have had no trouble with my baby.

She lives on my table top and gives it such a nice flare, especially with her gold "necklace"😁

vertical line.png

And lastly but certainly not least, I introduce you to my absolute pride and joy of my plant family - My Mini Monstera

mini monstera.jpg

Isnt she amazing! My mini monstera was maybe my second or third plant I bought after I was given my poinsettia. I had actually purchased two mini monstera and you may have noticed the other one at my prop station - They have both been growing literally so quickly! I've propped them a ton of times and given cuttings to my friends. My aim for this baby is to keep filling her up so she is full and the most beautiful in all the land.

vertical line.png

I could honestly just go on and on about each of my plants and perhaps I will on their own posts but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed me pretty much showing off my plants haha and I am just so excited to keep watching them grow.

🌴Its the Plant Life for me🌴


Hey hello Kiwi!

I went to the garden shop the other day and the price of some plants is WOW expensive

This is my fav


Oh thank you @kiwiscanfly!

And yes oh my, the money these plants cost is insane - I reckon its mostly due to the influx in plant people since lockdown haha but me, being the money conscious jewish gal that I am, I like to scope out the cheapies or buy the babies and watch them grow. Much more satisfaction in my eyes!

What were you on the hunt for?

You have a wonderful collection of indoor plants 😍

Thanks @virajherath, I appreciate that! Thanks for checking out my collection.

I really liked your post I also like plants!!! and the takings care of them is very important.

Thanks @jlvillamizar, I appreciate that!
Yes, taking care of them is very important and I love watching my plants flourish with my care.

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