LINK PUMP and Early Bullrun!

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In March or April I decided to purchase some LINK. It seemed they have a big community and they were working on spreading their message. It is clear the role they want to play.

Anyway, I've been watching and enjoying this amazing pump!

As crypto pumps and gets attention, the communication platform of Steem has a lot of potential for growth and last run, we picked up a lot of non-crypto experts and kept them.

What are you trading? Hodling?



Great timing! What is your target selling in Link?
I hodl Ardr. I hope many user will see the potential of their blockchain.

I should have a target set, but... I sold my ETH in 2017 at $38 because Targets.. I don't want to do that again.

Yes. Same here. Hehe. I also learn from mistake. Selling when it's not yet on the peak. So when I see the down fall on January 2018, I did not sell. I thought it was temporary. Hahaha! Too bad. I didn't expect what happen next.

Wow amazing it increased day by day

heyy whatsup,
yeah! i bought 2k of xrp in march and now it more than doubled!
is crypto going up again?

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