3 Reasons Litecoin Might Be The Next Bitcoin | OPINION

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Top 3 Personal Reasons

  1. Litecoin usually takes 6 confirmations to appear in different wallets. So I find that Litecoin is widely accepted and respected across multiple exchanges. So if you need to move fast across platforms I would highly recommend using Litecoin to dart around. This thing moves lightning fast and recently went through an experiment with Bitcoin that was announced as successful. Basically, Litecoin is what Bitcoin is supposed to be.
  2. The Fees are super low unlike expensive Bitcoin. I remember one time while the Bitcoin Cash thing was happening I sold bitcoin and it took 69% of the funds :(. The fees are kind of high if your trying to move Bitcoin around. On Coinbase, you can cash out faster using the paypal payment method if your selling Litecoin.
  3. It's the cheapest of the top 3 coins! Months ago, it was at $35 and now it's almost to record price of $90. It's been said that Litecoin was expected to hit $150 by the end of the year. I think it'll definitely follow the progress that Bitcoin has made as it closes in on $10,000. 

I Also Started Using Binance

I love it for ease of use and the speed of sells and buys. I love that they have an app that you can use to make trades. I like the simplicity of the website and I love the wallet layout. I highly recommend it!


Too bad steemit don't take Litecoin deposits.

@bycompoundfilms I like LITEcoin it is one of my larger holdings. I tend t buy a few LITEcoin every week or two just to add to my Stack.

Your opinion is probably r8....my be light coin will be next Bitcoin,,,,thanks for sharing,,,,

You are absolutely right. Recent technological upgrades and atomic swap feature would definitely push Ltc to greater heights in the coming years, probably it may even reach near BTC in 2 to 5 years.