Ten wise men saying to guide you

in #literature9 months ago
  1. A person who is not happy can never make you happy no matter how much the person tries.
    2 When you are considering marriage, don't forget sexual compatibility. If the lady likes sex more than you, please, think twice, otherwise, you will endure but not enjoy your marriage.
  2. Do not over stress yourself as a husband. Simply do the right things. Best husbands are found only in the graveyards.
    4.Those who are seen as experts in their professions today were once slow learners.
  3. There is no wisdom in taking a child to the farm simply because he is eating sand except one is not going to work in the farm.
    6.What you call culture in one place is a taboo in another place. Call an ikale man a bastard and you will see the beast in him.
  4. It's a great tragedy for someone to fall in love with someone who does not love him or her in return. 8. If you love the friendship of your friends, never you discuss what they did to offend you with your wife.
  5. You can't chose your parents, brothers and sisters but you can chose your friends. Make a choice of your friends. Good morning and happy blessed Monday.
    Even the one that is crying can still see.

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