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RE: Terre des Hommes, part IV

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Keep it on. Love reading that series.
I am thinking about reading Peter Janich Handwerk und Mundwerk (handywork/craftsmenship and mouthwork), because I got it recommended. Sadly seems only to be available in German ;D.
From what I've heard he defends the thesis that craftsmenship comes before science and not the other way around.

The question of theory and practice and
I love all the other dialectics you point out.


That sounds great! Will you do a series of posts on it?

Haha, thanks for the question!
Actually, for the last comment I had to look up, whether I translated one of my posts or left it in German. It's:
Sadly the main text was only in German, so I didn't link.

It touches indirectly on what you wrote about. The title is something like 'education/enlightenment is not the answer to everything'.
Sometimes more practical things, e.g. work, sports, connection to the world of nature can be the answer to (societal) problems rather than education as a solution.

The text is largely in German. The videos referenced and the text to the "Ludek Pachman Moment" in English.
Peter Janich I heard about afterwards, so it was not yet included :D.