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Hello everyone, back on my blog for our article, we will discuss again Loteo even though I have previously discussed it, but this time I will discuss a little about their Weekly Lottery which is always held every week.


Loteo Weekly Lotery is a lottery held by the Loteo platform every week, more precisely the lottery starts every Sunday at 12:00 CET. The Lottery is based on using Tickets rather than Numbers, for each entry on the lottery based on each ethereum address of the loteo account that has participated in the weekly lottery.

How to Join Weekly Lottery Loteo?

  1. Just visit & register at https://www.playloteo.com/
  2. Deposit your money/crypto to the loteo platform.
  3. Choice the tickets you wanna buy.
  4. Wait until the transaction finishes & you received the Weekly Lottery Tickets.
  5. Klik Play Now.
  6. Went you already on the dashboard, fill the amount of the tickets you want to use after that use the tickets. Also, you can double up your chance by used Loteu, The rate of Loteu its 100 Loteu: 1 Ticket.
  7. To check your tickets already used or not just back to the main dashboard of Loteu Platform, You can check it at their.

Note: You must have 0.017 Ethereum on your lotteo account, That's the minimum eth for make the platform working because they used DAPP on their platform. Went you make a transaction on their platform the fee is taken on your ethereum at the dashboard of loteo platform

How much price of the weekly lottery tickets?

Each ticket is priced at 10 Euros with payment using cryptocurrency so that the nominal payment using cryptocurrency will always adjust according to the value of the cryptocurrency used. Tickets are divided into several offers, you can buy the Weekly Lottery Ticket with the offer below:

  • One-entry ticket
    With this offer you can buy a single ticket with 10 Euro for Loteo Weekly Lottery

  • LoteoPass
    This offer its for you want to buy a year-long entry into the lottery, the price for this ticket 520 Euro. The benefit you got for the ticket is :

    • 52 weeks lottery entries
    • Loteu Bonus Token.
    • Doubling your chance in each drawing of the lottery.

    Remember this offer only for the first 1000 LOTEOPASS buyers

  • LoteoMaxx
    This option for the user who wants to buy multiple tickets, also you Loteu Token for the bonus. You got a few offers for this ticket purchase and you can use this ticket anytime in any amount, just choose the offer was suitable for you :

    • LoteoMaxx 10 + 250 LOTEU
      You got 10 entries to lottery with 250 LOTEU as a bonus. The price for this offer its 100 Euro.
    • Loteo Maxx 20 + 1000 LOTEU
      You got 20 entries to lottery with 1000 LOTEU as a bonus. The price for this offer its 200 Euro.
    • Loteo Maxx 50 + 3750 LOTEU
      You got 50 entries to lottery with 3750 LOTEU as a bonus. The price for this offer its 500 Euro.
    • Loteo Maxx 100 + 10 000 LOTEU
      You got 100 entries to lottery with 1000 LOTEU as a bonus. The price for this offer its 1000 Euro.

Also if this the first time you buying the ticket, you can get a free 100 Loteo on the first purchase. I also suggested you to buy the ticket with your main balance on the platform, To be honest, I'm not really comfortable with a single payment address went buying a ticket. Just want to avoid a problem, went make a payment.

How to determine the winners?

The winners will determine by the smart contract ethereum, each week we will always have the winners. Here some a picture for the ticket conventional & the past winners.

Prize Pool Lottery

The Prize Pool determined by how many tickets on the lottery, Also for the winners will get the prize with this calculation :

That's it's for the article if you feel this article still not enough to give you the information. Just visit the link below to get more information you need.
Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not to be considered financial advice, it is merely my opinion and any investment should not be taken without speaking to a qualified professional first.

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