New Steemit Logo-Suggestion

@sneak told us yesterday on @steemspeak radio that steemit will change logo, so I gave it a spin on some free online logo-maker on the internet and came up with this concept, so if you want it please decide within 3-5 days because that is what the page says. Once this important transition is done, we can go full force to the MOON!

So here you can see the new steemit logo put on different devices that people use, including old fashion letters and business-cards, wow - mind-blowing, I know! It is like wonderful internet magic :)

Anyways - This Logo can become the next steemit logo for only: $39.95

In Other News

There is rumors that Roger & Snorre(TM) will be back on steemit again one of these years, just changed my hard-disk and have to build a new gallery and come up with stories fun telling :)

So Happy New Year, and may God Bless America and all that :)


Nice work brother. Upvoted. Thank you for all your hard work in the community.

It is not work when you have fun doing it :D Happy Steemit @thejohalfiles, like a BOSS!

It looks really good, nice job! Upvoted.

Dude. That new logo is incredible. I love it.

I am wondering if Steem, Steemit, Steemdollars will all be branded differently...

Maybe we should have a ball behind the Steemit-Logo too :)

Funny. I always thought Coke tasted 8 years older than Pepsi, nice to be right.

Seriously though, I really like that logo.

yeah, it represent the blockchain and its sidechain/fabric surrounded by steempower :)

It is pure Internet Magic!

Just for personal disclosure - I prefer Coke over Pepsi.

Me too. I don't know anyone who prefers Pepsi.

I do know someone, and they are addicted to it like cannibals.

Love the logo ! Great work upvoted and resteemed ! 👍😊

Check out you will see that logo in action!

When I saw it I grabbed it for my new website ;-)

hahahaha lol, why make it hard when you can make it easy :)

Your design looks good. It adds a 3D feel.

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Manually valued @100% and resteemed , that is a nice logo indeed Sir Fyrstikken!

God påske!

Cool logo. Would like to see the different variations for the Steem, Steemit, Steemdollars as you suggested. :)

Beautiful work congratulations my friend @fyrstikken

Excellent Work! @fyrstikken %^)