Golem Logo contest - 100 SBD prize quarantee

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Dear steemians

I would like to announce logo contest for company Golem Trader Inc. Why do I want to spread this idea here on Steemit? Because I like steemit and I will rather spend money here, than any other site. The best thing is that I want to offer a payment of 100 Steem dollars with guarantee for the winner of the contest. The other thing is that you can increase your prize pool by voting and resteeming this post. I will add all SBD earned by this post to the prize pool. I do not expect that my contest will attract many designers as project curie but I would like to try it anyways.


Golem Trader is algorithmic trading company based in Prague. For this reason we would like to use a Prague reproduction of the Golem as a symbol of our company. For the inspiration please check the Wikipedia. Golem

Colors and Design

Only requirement is that logo should be simple. Single color or 2-3 color combination. I like shades of blue, steel blue, black and white. You may or may not use sign "Golem Trader" in logo.


(please forgive me that I used almost same rules as curie logo contest. I really have no time to create own rules )

  • Submit your designs in the comment / reply section by 12.00 PM UTC Time ( 5. October 2016)
  • You may submit as many designs as you like.
  • All contestants have to resteem this post ( sorry for this but I have no followers to do it for me)
  • 1st place: 50% of SBDs generated by this post. + 100 SBD
  • 2nd and 3rd place: 25% of SBDs each generated by this post.


  • Contest is valid once I receive more than 20 different designs
  • In case of low interest of designers I may or may not choose one logo out of all contestants
    ( winner gets 100 SBD only)
  • Make sure designs are original.
  • Golem Trader Inc. reserve the right to use top 3 designs as its own property.
  • Logo becomes to property of Golem trader inc. once is transfer of the prize is confirmed by blockchain
  • Winning designs will be announced on my blog at Friday (7. October 2016)
  • Logos which are only available in low-res raster, or non-editable format will be disqualified.

resteem this post, please



Hopefully this is a valid entry :) Best of luck @airmike !

thank you for this type of design. All series looks awesome. especially first design. I appreciate your effort to increase quality

Ok, so here is it, with a blue line :) and Trader in Silver

this is really cool design. both fonts are perfect. only thing is that green is not our color. please keep it blue, dark blue or some cold color of design. your work is awesome.

@elyaque those two are best I think. but it is hard to choose because other designs are also good. you can make some experiments in colors and fonts. I think font on the bottom is good . I am going to write another post . because I want to increase prize pool for contestants. I will explain color scale there. thank you

Good Concept, maybe keep the G in 2D

Yeah, that first logo definitely used Jan's concept.

Unless your Jan Szpakowski, the first two entries could become dangerous for you quickly. Just a heads up.

You would get into a lot of trouble stealing clash of clans graphics.

also stealing pokemon isn't a good idea either :)

Here is mine. I wanted to make it with a Kingston kinda feel, but still ended up with smiley thing :) What do you think?


nice work. this is the way I like. would you please try to make it from the front ? lines only. The image will be on the color background.

something like this

you can do whatever you want . full body or head only. I prefer head only but this is only my suggestion. I am not only person who will pick the winner.

Thanks! Actually I don't see a problem with a colored background - since I work in vector I can easily change it to black silhouette or make it lineart-ish :)

Also tried some more abstract stuff

Ok, that's all for today :)

awesome stuff ill enter some stuff

I just realized that I spelled golem wrong, but that can be fixed if this design is chosen...Sorry.

I just realized that I spelled golem wrong, but that can be fixed if this design is chosen...Sorry.

I think this is not right way how to get first prize, sorry

I know that picture can be found in the web, but I still like it :)


Hello, brother! Don't be so mad!


please be aware that logo is part of the corporate identity

design will be used for company presentation, website, conferences and so on. design should be simple and clear. if you need some inspiration, please use google to see corporate brands of crypto currency exchanges or stocks or derivative exchanges. please do some research before you start

thank you

Cool contest. Resteemed =)

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Important notice

you can post your new designs here or below the new post. https://steemit.com/art/@airmike/golem-logo-contest-100-sbd-prize-guarantee-update

you should also resteem new update. for those who forgot to resteem this post . please resteem an Update

I have promoted an UPDATE so hopefully it is visible enough also for new competitors and whales. I want to increase budget for prize.

please resteem the update. we have 22 hours left to increase prize pool.

golem logo contest - update