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I like simplicity, so I use simplicity on the works here, I do not want to make them too bright and shiny, I want them to be simple and strong. I hope they call your attention and interest you. I could apply any of this shapes to create your big logo or Banner. There are many more, please make sure to be specific on which shapes you are looking for so I can find and add them. I will use one beautiful photo and then add your Steemit name and a small text which could be anything you want to express. Please make sure not to type in a very long text. Make it short and meaningful.

This Picture is for the Cover image of your steemit pages. This big black dot is to make your page description more readable on the picture. You may look it on my Steemit pages at @foxkoit .

Big Logo & Big Banner 3 SteemSmall Banner or Cover image 2 Steem
FoxKoit 22.jpgNew Work 2.jpg
Logopit_1555441684405.jpgLogo 2.jpg
Logopit_1555509182511.jpgLogo M.jpg

Life 2 .jpg
My Discord is @foxkoit#4346 if you want ask fast info.
Or find me on my first post I did here in Steemit pages @foxkoit
Or in Instagram @ foxkoit

Here is the first order that is ready, She is @marylucy And soon this is up on the new posts.

color work new.jpg


Nice idea and initiative, as a long time friend, I hope I can get it in a discounted price.

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JUst now I not make discounted price, I just start . :)

Okay, just pulled your legs, lol 😂

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Gonna take your service soon. 😎

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Thank you!! you are very kind if you try use me :) ... we see soon what you ask :)

Great idea :)

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Thank you 😊😊👌 I try make something cool also.

super idea i have realy wish some make one my gif, as [email protected]

Thank you!! ... You mean that you can use it in Discord ? :)

I love this my friend - what a great idea !!! Let me think and I will have you make mine ❤️❤️❤️❤️☕️ have a fabulous tuesday my friend

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Thank you!! You make me smile ... I hope soon you back :)

The logo is simple and beautiful

Thank you!! you are very kind :)

You certainly have some skills right there. =)

Thank you!! you are very kind my friend :) ... I hope soon you also try get one ... I can try make for you one .

This is really cool idea .perhaps getting one soon but now Let me resteem it :)

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Thank you!! ... I be very happy if you try get one :) I try make and think something out :)

Amazing bae

Nice logo design u have there..havent got time to visit until today

Thank you!! :)