In time there will be no line, and we will find that death is a learning experience. Not only immortality is in the offing, but resurrection, IMHO.

hey NT i know three cubans that i helop with cryptos and they laugh at all the propaganda here about how good and free their healthcare is
you would not want to break something there or have a baby there there is no running water in most hospitals and if there is its filthy
there might be a lots of 100 year old but that is cause the diseases probably made them stronger
i used to think cuba was great for healthcare and then the people born there that live here now really opened my eyes
they said when the russians left everything went to shit and no help from the americans whatsoever
go figure
yeah that is one place i would never want to get sick or hurt cause chances are you will die there
pretty scary place if you get hurt or are sick

Well, I didnt post that because of their "free" sick care. I posted because they try to teach people to stay away. "The club “tries to promote healthy lifestyles for all, because that is the only way to get to that age”, said Rodriguez."

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i understand just letting you know if you thought it was a good place to go if your sick or injured that it would be very scary to be there lol
yes their lifestyles are so much healthier than ours
you guys and us are the most flouridated aspartamed chlorinated and drugged society on the planet
have a great afternoon NT and keep the info coming there is way way too many people still asleep on health matters
cheers bud
i will be upvoting some of your comments once im charged up

another place i havent heard from now thats two i have to check this one and the one on discord you left me lol
im gonna be busy for a little while by the looks of it
thanks for the info NT