Long Exposure photography contest entry

Here is my entry for today's Long Exposure photography entry sponsored by @photocontests and @juliank

I took this photo in Venice, Italy. If you look at the bridge you can see the "ghost" of a person who was too fast to capture.

Thanks for looking


What a great place to photograph. You caught it well, and I love the blue orbs.

ahhh, the blue orbs. Thank you. I don't like them so much as they are a symptom of the protective filter I use but I am my own worst critic.

Interesting! I thought they just appeared. They look perfect in the shot, no matter how they got there :)

Gorgeous! Saw you in the landscapephotography contest and checked out your blog. Following you now! Love your stuff so far :)

Hi! Congratulations for winning the weekly round of my 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge. What a stunning submission. Well deserved win! See if you can answer some of the congratulation notes on your winner announcement once they start coming in. Tomas

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