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A few photos for #tattoodjay's #Wednesdaywalk

The woods are not very pretty this year and the creek and the river simply look icy and cold! It seems odd that it is the new year and there is barely any snow.


There are a few more trees that have been toppled by the beavers. But the hardware cloth wrapped around it's base has protected this one, and there is no real evidence yet what the beavers building plans are.


We barely have enough snow to make tracks.


I did find a couple of #lookingup photo opportunities, though!



Remember to enter your camera shadow photo before Friday!

Shadow Photo Contest Round 50- Camera Shadows

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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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I’ve never been a fan of winter either, but it seems that there’s always something beautiful out there if we just get out and look for it. Thanks for sharing your walk :)

“The Earth has music for those who listen.”

There are interesting things, but I sure do crave color! Especially green!

Keep looking up! Beavers cut trees thats what they do ha ha. With or without a plan.

But I don't see them building a dam or doing anything that makes it look like they plan on staying forever so maybe they will move on! Right?

I agree that is probably a good sign. Seems a little late this year to build a dam...

I like the photo with the track and the marks on it: the snow sparkles beautifully and it seems like it's a beautiful winter day. very beautiful photo with a girl !!!!

Admiro tus fotos sra @melinda010100 y que bueno que cuiden los árboles de los castores saludos y feliz año 2019 salud y éxito para usted y su familia

¡Muchas gracias! Feliz 2019 para ti también! Espero que sea un gran año para todos.

Amen sra @melinda010100 saludos feliz día

buenas noches amiga @melinda010100 deseando que se encuentre bien, los árboles se ven como secos debe ser por la nieve y el frío que le quemaron las hojas aparte de los que los castores han secado . He visto programas de estados unidos donde cazan los castores para vender su pelaje y así controlar la proliferación de ellos , ya que agarran un bosque y lo arruinan toditos. Que tenga una gran noche , la invitó para que pase por mi blog para que vea mi nueva mascota.

El área en la que vivo no tiene ningún tipo de manejo forestal. Oh, entonces creo que todo lo que decidan hacer los Castores ocurrirá. No veo ninguna señal de que construyan una represa o planeen quedarse, así que espero que simplemente sigan adelante. Pronto.

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Thank you so much!

We haven’t had much snow yet mind you I am not complaining snow in the city just makes a mess

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

Thanks for the tip and for hosting this great challenge! We have rain predicted for most of the week. Who ever heard of rain in Wisconsin in January!

MOst welcome I do like to support those that join the challenge, I hope the rain takes a break for you soon, we actually are having a rain free day today, but it’s back tomorrow, kind of wish it was the ther way around seems ot have bene wet every weekend i have had free time of recent

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Quiet river, is there a crocodile? Honestly for a woman's picture, I was very fascinated to see her pose like a princess from heaven.
Thanks for this @melinda010100

Crocodiles would not like the ice and snow. They stay where it is much warmer. That is my son's wife. Isn't she lovely?

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Ha! great photos Melinda! The beavers are still cutting down trees but no one knows what their plans are or how long they'll be there, how interesting!

I believe that they need a lot of trees to sustain a very big colony. I don't think there's enough wooded area here to feed very many of them for very long. I'm guessing they will choose to move along, but wonder how much damage they will do before they leave. Because of all the flooding that we had all summer long many of the trees along the riverbank we're struggling anyway, so between the flooding and the Beavers I think the landscape will change.

Howdy tonight Melinda! good to see you here. Well, but they are actually helping you because they're opening up your view right?

That remains to be seen! They could just make a mess of trees down all along the river bank!


They are creating a bit of a mess!

Oh wow, are these trees that they have cut down? Well you'll have to hire someone to wrap the trees you want to stay up maybe. In that metal wrap.

That has already been done. There is a photo of one of the wrapped trees in that post that I did for Wednesday's walk. Most of the trees that are growing along the riverbank are less desirable, and are just weedy trees that die off when the water is high, and then new ones sprout up when the water recedes.

Oh well you're way ahead of the game then, good thinking. Did you do that when they first moved in?

Back in November. My neighbor's son was here for Thanksgiving and she had many trees that needed to be protected. Her home is within feet of the edge of the river and most of the trees in her yard were vulnerable. While he was wrapping them he just went ahead and did a couple of mine that needed to be protected because she gets more benefit from them than I do. They are some distance from my house and yard.

the photo of the printsin the snow is great. Same as the girl... It's always great to see your post and enjoy your photos

Thanks! That's my daughter in law. She is delightful!

You're welcome my dear. She is a very charming lady

I am so happy that she is part of my family!

I'm sure she's happy to have you as her mother-in-law

She is very wonderful to me and so thoughtful!

That's wonderful. You shows that you love her very much 😊

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