How to lose weight before Christmas

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Fall is the right time to start an effective diet and it has lasting effects. In fact, it’s easier to get back in line without the frenzy of fitness in any outfit and without endless aperitifs and evening ice creams.

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To restore the lost line before Christmas, it is important to develop a complete program that includes both a certain type of dietary rules and the right amount of physical activity. The goal is to lose the extra pounds on the fat mass and reshape the silhouette at its critical points (floor, arms, buttocks, thighs).

Not just swimwear, you can set your own goal before Christmas to lose weight and get back in shape. Great way to start the new year

Lose weight before Christmas to be beautiful all year l No need for a frustrating and sad regime, on the contrary, a well-organized multilevel program may suffice.

A healthy diet, following some general dietary rules, moves every day, and leaves positive emotions to travel. Often, in reality, repressed instincts and emotions for fear of change are hidden outside the body of size. Setting yourself the goal of improving your physical well-being, therefore, cannot ignore the different attitudes towards feelings and love towards yourself.

Put your purpose on paper

To lose weight, a lot of sacrifices are not required but it is really necessary to be inspired. And nothing should keep the opportunity: a weekly organization is a must.

With the agenda in hand, first, follow the dietary rules but only if you are aware that you can really respect. Similarly, decide when and what physical activity to practice (at least 2-3 times a week), take care of yourself with love and care (with a passion). It reminds me of the importance of taking.

A great rule for health too

Weight loss strategies, as well as healthy eating habits, are the trick to replacing whole grain flour (white) with whole grain flour (wheat, spelled, Kamut ...) and alternative pasta with whole grains (especially oats).

This way, you will get plenty of fiber and lower the glycemic index of the food. But why do whole bread, pasta, and rice help us lose weight without carbohydrates? Because the fibers reduce the absorption of both sugar and fat, guaranteeing prolonged significance. The best choice is to cook a lot and combine whole grains with raw vegetables: to say goodbye to nervous appetite, lazy gut, and cellulite.

easonable dose

The extra pounds are closely related to daily calorie intake, which is usually higher than the day’s exit and energy expenditure.

In this sense, in addition to the type of food to be eaten, it is also important to check the quantities. Yes in whole cookies in the morning, for example, but not half a box. It would be just as healthy for a plate of pen de Kamut for lunch but without touching the pound. An ancient but always effective strategy is the choice of small plates to deceive the amount and aspect of the food.

Lastly, never forget the importance of chewing: it should be as slow and conscious as possible, so it will digest, the stomach will be more chaotic and you will eat less overall.

Omega 3 and protein

Anyone who wants to shed extra pounds should put a lot of emphasis on fatty protein. Twice a week there is lemon with white meat, eggs, cereals, tofu, Sitan, and lots of fish. The latter, in addition to providing valuable amino acids, is a source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids (omega 3).

These substances protect against the onset of numerous diseases, including neurodegenerative ones. In addition, adding protein to the diet lowers the overall glycemic index and helps to lose centimeters in critical areas.

Two elements to keep in control

Among the enemies of the line, we must find sugar and salt. The latter is an ally of water retention, cellulite, and high blood pressure. Sugar can make you fat-free as well as make important glycemic changes, suffer from various diseases, and create the true form of addiction.

To lose weight before Christmas, an important step is to be able to replace sugar with natural alternatives (if it is not eliminated) and give salt with aromatic and herbal and spices (which help in removal, digestion, and excretion). Ideal alternatives to sugar are healthier and more natural, such as away and maple syrup or stevia.

Give your metabolism a hand and warm it up

Try using ginger every morning to lose weight in the winter season. Widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, this spicy and citrus root is able to thoroughly purify the body by stimulating metabolism. In fact, ginger has a thermogenic origin: its use generates heat, burning your calories and fat faster.

In addition, ginger warms the body in the winter season with cough, cold and sore throat. Not only this, but consuming ginger also purifies the liver and helps in better digestion.

To get a big Christmas, drink a cup of ginger tea every morning on an empty stomach: Boil fresh ginger pieces in water and swallow without adding sugar.

It trains not only the body but also the mind and soul

The result of a versatile strategy to lose weight, it involves both diet and physical activity. The second is necessary to take in calories and tone up optimally also stimulates metabolic function. First of all, it is better not to use the car all the time but to replace it with a long walk or daily ride.

Furthermore, autumn is the ideal time to start an active course for both body and soul. In fact, let’s not forget the key role of emotions in slimming and achieving a higher level of well-being.

In this sense, dance is the ideal activity because it takes care of the soul by calories, stretches, burns bodies, and raises self-esteem levels. At the same time, in order to lose weight in a healthy and long-lasting way, one must learn to “think weakly” and express moods and feelings, start taking some more risks and start coming out of the shell without fear.