I Really have Wanted to Write posts, but can't find the motivation

in #lost2 years ago

Say it's the cryptomarket blues, say it's Steems decreased value, but I can't seem to find topics I want to write about.

I have stalled editing my book, I have grown a little tired of writing about geopolitics/politics in general. There isn't much use blogging about cryptocurrency right now because either you're a hodler looking to consolidate, or you're out of the market and most likely off Steemit. I will have a new book review coming soon.

Actually, now that I think about it, I will have some developing news on the Bitcoin ATM venture by tomorrow. So yes, this is a shit post. I think only my second shit post in two years, so I feel like I deserve a pass. Catcha ya soon Steem.


I prefer more shitposts like this...they are 1 billion times better then a shitpost!
You is real and honest!

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Haha thanks man, just trying to keep it real out here

I'm a 0 content creator,and you have no idea how hard is to find shit that I would love to upVote...I'm aware that I don't do much,but how can I support?
Most of my favorite writers are gone,or hardly say some...I was supposed to be the curator/support...

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Yah, it gets hard sometimes on here, I would say just keep doing what you're doing with commenting. I would rather have a comment, then most any amount of cents upvote.

It is just as difficult to get on here and curate these days... The freefall is taking its toll on everyone and everything on here.