Weekly SBD Giveaway. 50/50 lottery challenge.

in #lottery4 years ago

Hello fellow Steemians, My name is Brian Silveria, and I am the host of the BS Crypto Show, on You Tube.

I am fairly new to steemit, but I am absolutely loving this platform.

As a new Steemian I feel a little bit inadequate in my steem power and very small vote. But I love this community and very much wanted to find a way to contribute with my minimal resources.

So this is my plan,

I have about 4 SBD that I am going to use to boost this post through steembottracker.com

I also have a fairly sizable amount of points on Steemfollower.com to ust for post promotion.

I am going to utilize the resources that I have to boost this post and kickstart this giveaway.

When this post matures after 7 days I am going to choose a random commenter and give away 50% of all the SBD made from this post.

The other 50% will then be used as strategically as possible to kick-start next weeks 50/50 giveaway challenge.

I plan to keep this weekly lottery going for as long as possible, I am willing from time to time to invest more of my own money into promoting the lottery posts, but I am hoping that the lottery will be able to carry itself.

Here are the entry rules...

You must comment on this post.

Every comment counts as one entry, but you may only comment once per day. If you are chosen as the winner and I find that you have commented more than once that day, you will be disqualified and another commenter will be chosen.

You must upvote this post with a 100% upvote.

If you are chosen, and I find that you did not upvote this post with a 100% upvote, you will be disqualified and another commenter will be chosen.

You must Re-Steem this post.

Likewise I will be checking.

Random commenter can not be a bot.

If a comment bot is found to be the random winner, then a new commenter will be selected.

I have uploaded an explanation video if you would rather hear it explained rather than read through this whole post!

I tried to make the video as quick as possible, but those who follow me on YouTube know that I have a very hard time keeping videos short, but it is here if you want it.

Please make sure that you go to my youtube channel here and like the video... the more people that see it on youtube will not only increase the chances of a good payout prize, but will also help support the Steemit community as a whole.

Also stay Follow me here on Steemit, so you can find out who the winner is , as well as know when next weeks lotto starts.

And if you are interested in trying out Steemfollwer.com here is my referral link (I get a little bonus if people sign up under me)


Don't fell inadequate of your steem power it needs time to grow . Be patient and do continuously greate work . It will grow more faster.
By the way great idea @bscrypto.

Thanks, I am trying... it is a lot of fun either way though!

thanks for the contest @bscrypto , good luck to everyone ...

Thanks for participating!

Thank you for running this giveaway, a very good job @bscrypto, hopefully more glorious

Oh yeah, hopefully it gains a little more traction before the week is up, so that the reward pool grows higher!

Thanks for running this giveaway... I'm new too and, yes... feeling a little inferior... :(

Yeah that .01 up vote is pretty small... and then sometimes you think it is going to give a penny but your vote is so small that it still shows .00

Hopefully we can get this thing trending! I am working very hard on it.

i 😍 like giveaways, ok i wil try my luck, and also resteemed with +300 followers because more participate in contest more get upvote. Great contest do more contest in future.

Yeah... 300+ followers should definitely help... It may take a while to really get the ball rolling on this thing, but I am working hard on it.

Hey @bscrypto!
Thanks for making a possibility to win something! yay!
For new users this is a great opportunity!
I wish everybody good luck =) Have a nice day!

Thanks for the nice comment, Hopefully we can all help each other win on steemit!

great brother great at all good luck for the future work keep it up this great work! have a nice day! :)

Thanks... And good luck!

Hi Brian, nice challenge you are bringing up. Wish you a lot of fun here at #steemit and have a nice day, Raoul 😊

Thanks Raoul, Hopefully we can get a lot of money going on this thing for prizes!

Nice way to grow your Steem Power! Like the idea and hope you can make it work for you.

Never win anything random like this, but what the heck. Entering anyways.

Haha, yeah I have been spending quite a bit of SBD promoting this post on steem follower, but I think it will be worth it... plus this is way more fun and helps other people too! Good luck!

It's one of those if you gain a following it could be very profitable down the road. Just had a payout on a decent size reward post and the amount of SP gained is nice.

Hey there!
This is a cool thing!
Thanks =)
And just encase you like tattoed girls and electronic music - have a look a my Blog =)

I do like electronic music, but I try not to stare too much at women who are not my wife, haha... thanks.

I think this is honorable ;-) Make your wife stare at'em xD just kidding
How are you telling us who won?

Going to make another post and video with winner... And that will be next weeks lottery.

Great Idea :) let me try my luck ;) :D Wish you success in your mission ;)

Thank you sir, I am having fun anyway!

Nice to know! =) Cool Challange

Thanks... hopefully it works out really well!

i am here ....let's try luck

Worth a try anyway... and it doesn't even cost you anything!

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