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RE: Fairlotto V2: Provably Fair STEEM Blockchain Based Lottery - All New Front-End + Features

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How disrespectful you are to tell people that this lotto is for people to "spend" their "hard earned SBD". They are not spending they are gambling.

It is a free market, people can do as they like. I am not telling anyone what they must do. Just offering an option.

Gambling is not inherently bad, just like having a drink or eating something unhealthy. Life is about balance, it is not binary, there are more options than 0 and 1.



Rich men gambling on investment opportunities plays a big role in moving forward important technology, including technologies and medicines in the health sector, which will indirectly affect the lives of millions in a positive way.

Like @fairlotto stated, gambling isn't inherently bad. Furthermore, greed isn't all bad, as pointed out in the example that I provided. Selfish actions can sometimes lead to benefits for the many.


When did I ever say it was?

I'm simply arguing against your assertion that "gambling is never good." Speculating on early tech is just as much gambling, if not more, as playing blackjack at a casino, and, like it or not, we owe a lot to these big risk takers.

There lies a paradox in selfishness in that the most selfish acts can sometimes be great for everyone. It may be an exception to the rule, but it still exists.


I agree with everything you said. I still don't agree with, to directly quote you:

You are wrong, gambling is never good.


Lotto hanyalah permainan keberuntungan.

Precisely. There is a reason why in the real world casinos exist because for every person who is against gambling there are countless others who are not. At the end of the day, you're not forcing Steem users to gamble or buy a lottery ticket. You're providing a service that Steemians choose to use.

Everyone has a choice.

Ya ya oke.