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Hello Steemit friends,

welcome to the STEEMIT FREE LOTTERY #2!

In the first edition there was no winner, so this lottery start with a Jackpot!!!

HERE you could find the original post with rules and explanation of winning number extraction.

Rules to qualify to the lottery:

  • UPVOTE this post
  • Follow me
  • Write your prediction (number from 0 to 99)
  • You can leave only one comment (two if you resteem the lottery post)
  • You can leave a comment until 21:00 GMT, September 29, 2017.
  • Any comment edited after the DEADLINE will be disqualified from the contest
  • If no one has the winning number, the prize pool will be added to the next lottery and so on, so imagine how huge the jackpot could be.

Please note that Resteem of this post is highly recommended because it will help to increase the value of the total SBD earnings that will be shared to the winners.


A post with winner name will be open the day after the lottery. The winner will receive the prize pool after one week, when the post receives the payout.



i resteemed so does that mean I get 2 picks?

if so I will go with 77
and 82

but if i only get one, i will go will 77

great luck to all!

Well done, you get 2 picks 77 and 82 ;-)

Up vote the post, and comment with your answer.

To qualify to lottery , You have to choose one number between 0 and 99
Remember to follow me too

Remember to follow me to qualify to lottery

I follow you

Remember to follow me to qualify to lottery

Remember to follow me to qualify to lottery!

Bah, thought I had :/

Sorry mate, you're not on my follower list. You could partecipate in STEEMIT FREE LOTTERY #3 (+ Jackpot) if you want ;-)

click here

You could choose a second number because you resteem this post

oh thx, I will take:


Lottery closed!

Resteemed- I'll take # 13 & 14