[CLOSED]Play & Win: LotteryLand (2018-08-22)

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Upvote, play and win SBD!


LotteryLand is a lottery where the winning is a part of GAME BANK (GB). This accounts for 90% of the reward SBD and STEEM (converted to SBD) of this post after payout. Playing once a day.

Entry to the game

Those interested in participating in the game must make upvote this article. This upvote can be made within 24 hours of publication. By making upvote, a person becomes a player.

If the article contains the [DRAWS] tag in the caption, system draws. Can not upvote on post.

If the article contains the [CLOSED] tag in the caption, the draw was made. This article also includes a winning list.

The method of draw

A player receives one nomination for draw for each upvoted $0.002 (determined when the game is closed). The player can be participation and drawn in one game several times depending on the amount of his upvote. The maximum number of nominations for one player is 100.


  • Player make upvote $ 0.005 and get two nominations.
  • Player make upvote $ 0.021 and get ten nominations.
  • Player make upvote $ 0.103 and get fifty-one nominations.
  • Player make upvote $ 0.310 and get one hundred nominations (Every upvote higher than $ 0.02 will only receive 100 nominations).

At the beginning of the draw, all nominations are registered. The system performs mixing and randomly selects one nomination. It gets the price. The nomination is removed from the next draw. New mixing and random selection will take place. This continues until the moment when it is chosen by lot the last (15th) price.

Distribution of winnings

Order of drawPrize (Part of GB)Winner
1st30% of GAME BANK@trayan
2nd15% of GAME BANK@hr1
3rd10% of GAME BANK@drd.olek
4th8% of GAME BANK@hr1
5th7% of GAME BANK@donwhale
6th6% of GAME BANK@broadcast
7th5% of GAME BANK@morous70
8th4% of GAME BANK@pearlumie
9th3% of GAME BANK@kookmin
10th2% of GAME BANK@rsteem
11th2% of GAME BANK@helix
12th2% of GAME BANK@brittuf
13th1% of GAME BANK@hr1
14th1% of GAME BANK@abdulhaadi
15th1% of GAME BANK@kazbo

An amount of 3% of GAME BANK awarded to the player with the highest value upvote: @hr1

Transfer of prizes

The transfer of prizes in the form of SBD will always be done on Tuesdays. Will be transferred winnings from draws paid during the previous period from monday to sunday. Winnings will be awarded to players who have received one of the prizes. All winnings of the player will be accumulated in one transfer.

@lotteryland may upvote for this post. However, he can not participate in the prize draw. This upvote serves only to raise the GAME BANK and as the Curation Trail of SteemAuto.

Bots are excluded from the game.

Happy game with LotteryLand!


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