Lotto Steem Giveaway Jackpot 34 Steem 12/05/18 results

in #lotto2 years ago

Here are todays picks
@wonderwop 13
@julieabbi2 21
@bitandi 55
@fenequedvm 99
@steeemlover 124
@blueeyes8960 131
@bitandi 176
@julieabbi2 200
@ezoterik-tk 201
@knowledge-seeker 239
@chadmichaellibby 300
@anadello 311
@knowledge-seeker 321
@bitandi 355
@bobwillow 434
@jason7282 456
@bitandi 467
@alokkumar121 499
@amar15 501
@knowledge-seeker 613
@bitandi 638
@kilojo 655
@ronaldoavelino 692
@alokkumar121 725
@julieabbi2 756
@knowledge-seeker 759
@julieabbi2 776
@ninjatuner 777
@alokkumar121 798
@bitandi 873
@julieabbi2 921

the lucky number today is 560


There was no winners in todays drawing for 34 steem

Thank you for the participants!

The next drawing will start soon! I will be adding 1 steem to the next drawing to bring it up to 35 Steem!

I will also be keeping the picks from the prior drawings for the next drawings also



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