What is the purpose of Valentine's Day???

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Valentine’s Day is all about romance and treating someone special in your life. So as we all know, due to the excessive amount of commercials from chocolate and candy companies, we know that it’s that time of the year again where the season of giving starts. Along with a bunch of flowers and a card, the box of chocolates is almost a staple gift for Valentine’s Day. Over-crowded restaurants are also something you’ll definitely see during Valentine’s Day as well.

It is just another created holiday to increase your spending in the name of love.

Valentine's Day should be every day because love as everything need to be nurture constantly. Too many focus on these little moments in life to show their love but what happens the next 364 is what will keep two together.

I never look forward to it because if you care for one you do not need a day to show it. I find it sad that so many will go this crazy about just another day on the calendar.

People should learn how to compromise in their relationships instead of focusing on what they are getting.

So for Valentine’s Day, I would like to share some romantic yet guilt-free gift and date ideas that may inspire you as well, namely:

1. Prepare home cooked meals together

Isn't is romantic if the both of you cooking your favorite meals together. This way you can have more connection and you get to know more about each other.

2. Pick up a romantic sports activity or a romantic getaway

This isn't have to be during Valentine's Day you could do this this summer or this weekend. A simple but romantic one is the best!

3. Bake your own gifts instead of Store-bought gifts (Food)

Baking or making your own gifts especially cakes and cupcakes or even chocolate. Your lover will more appreciate this way rather than spending it in expensive branded ones.

4. Make your own card

There is a lot of DIY's on the internet. This is the sweetest and romantic way to show your love for her.

You don't need to do this only this Valentine's Day! You could do this more often. This will make your special person feel more special. Make everyday special because we will never know what tomorrow will bring


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