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Love is a feeling peculiar to a person, deep affection and aspiration to another person or object, a feeling of deep sympathy [1] [2] [3] [4].

Love is also seen as a philosophical category, in the form of a subjective relationship, an intimate selective sentiment directed toward the object of love [5]. Love is the most important subjective indicator of happiness [6]. The opposite of love is called hatred.

Love is one of the fundamental and common themes in world culture and art. The reasoning about love and its analysis as a phenomenon goes back to the oldest philosophical systems and literary monuments known to people.
Russian "love" goes back through other Russian. any to praslav. * l'uby (the same root as the verb "to love"). This word, as well as * kry "blood", * svekry "mother-in-law" and many others, referred to the type of declension by * -ū-. Already in the Old Russian language this type disintegrated, the tokens related to it moved into more productive types, then the nominative case was replaced by love (praslav. * L'ubyv) by the original accusative case. There is also a hypothesis about the borrowed character of the given word in Russian [7].
Fundamentals of understanding love
You are close, and everything is fine:
And the rain and the cold wind.
Thank you, my clear,
For what you are in the world.

Julia Drunina
The complexity and dialectical diversity of love gave rise to a significant number of interpretations of the phenomenon in various languages, cultures throughout the history of human society.

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