Thinking out loud; This thing called a side piece

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So, I recently discovered that guys too can be side pieces (don't ask me why). It's quite fascinating. We focus so much on the women that we forget the men have emotions too. A darling friend of mine is currently in the 'side piece' situation. In case you are wondering what a side piece is, he is the other man in the relationship like we have the 'other woman'. Like side chicks who want to make the most of their relationship with their partners, do the duties the wife or girlfriend cannot do, the side piece surprisingly wants to do this too. When I asked my friend why in God's sweet name he got caught in that situation, he said he just wanted to be there for her. To show her that eventually, he was 'Mr. Right '. Different people have their reasons for doing different things. But really, what would make a man want to be a side piece? Trust whisper to come to the rescue for me, lol. I got a lot of insight into this. Let me share some with you;

images (3).jpeg


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In the song Side Pieces, rapper Drake has touched upon the increasing openness side pieces have about their position in an affair:

“This is dedicated to all of the side pieces. I know you’ll never be more. And you’ll always be less. But there’s comfort in knowing that you’re okay being second best.”

Ok.. I still don't quite understand why someone would want to be an option. Personally, I would never consent to being the one who hides, who has to do everything with you in secret. I mean what happened to real love? The one man, one woman policy, where did that run to? Call me old school but if you aren't ready to be down with someone, I don't think there's need wasting the other person's time. We deserve better. Better than being number 2. Remember the first rule is to never be number 2, if he or she doesn't love you enough to flaunt you, then let it go.

For all the side pieces or chicks or other women, you deserve much more. You deserve to be a priority. You deserve love and the very best. You deserve a first class sit in their life, if that's what you aren't getting, leave baby. Being single until you find the one isn't a disease.

You are loved!


Shalla to all the side pieces.. but the problem I see is the man or woman that keeps them around as the side piece.. if there were no people okay with having side pieces, there'd be no side pieces imho..

You are right... If no wanted them around, they'd not exist.

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