My Wedding Day (5 Minute Freewrite)

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The only photo I can find (that hasn't already been posted) that is close to the age/time I got married.

The Wedding Day!

When you’re young, it can seem like most guys are players (and maybe they are!) I was very fortunate that the love of my life didn’t struggle with this, as much as he thought he wanted to be a ‘player’ when he was a teen, there is just something in him that is way too solid for that. He might disagree, I suppose, but I’ve known him for a bit and I’d say it’s true.

If nothing else, Patrick (@serapium) was always horrible at picking up hints or even recognizing a blatant come on from a woman and seemed hesitant to make the first move, so that doesn’t lend itself well to being a player. :) Plus, he just has too much innate respect for women in general. Something I’ve seen more and more from him in our marriage and in raising our daughters.

That being said, the time had finally come for our wedding day. It was June 21, 1994. We were 22 years old (about to turn 23) and living a very unstable life. Our jobs, my mental health issues and just our all around instability due to age, being broke and desperate and coming off of some years of very bad choices.

At any rate, we were determined that we were getting married that day. We had an appointment at a wedding chapel, we had told our few friends and our minds were made up. We had worked all weekend and he had $371 for a ring budget. He managed to find the ring he wanted and bargained with the guy until he lowered the price so that he could have that particular ring.

We were both excited, but I was getting nervous. AND He STILL hadn’t told his parents.

We were in our dumpy little apartment and I was getting shaky already. I was trying to iron my wedding outfit and he finally decided to call his mother… 15 minute before we were to leave for the ‘Phoenix Wedding Chapel’ not far away.

His mother was not pleased. She was trying to convince him to wait until we could come ‘back home’ and have a big wedding that she could help plan. I know a large part of it was that she just didn’t want him getting married right then, much less to ME (and for good reason, actually) and she did her best to try and talk him out of it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Of course, she still had tricks up her sleeve… she was just a little late in implementing it. I suppose that’s why Patrick waited until the final hour to call his mom in the first place, because he figured she’d try to do something to change his mind.

I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting her to be thrilled for us, or even supportive. I didn’t expect her to do what she did, either. It obviously didn't change the outcome of our wedding, but it definitely put a damper on our relationship with her.

Timer!!! Read Part Two


Day #45 of the @freewritehouse selfie contest. Today's Daily Prompt was 'Players' We're almost done with this 50 Day Contest! I can't believe I've managed to do a freewrite every day without fail AND I've remembered to post the link and a selfie each day. I'm really impressed with myself. I also haven't taken this many photos of myself in my life. :/ It's been good for me to get used to seeing this face, I suppose. Too many years of trying my best to avoid it!



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Now im hooked.. cant wait to hear the rest of the story!

My fiances mother doesnt care for me much either and so we havent even yold her where we are yet.. so i guess i know how u feel when it comes to mother-inlaws lol..

My mother in law didn't like or approve of me for the most bizarre reasons. She was very "appropriate" and thought that looks and money was what mattered. I came from a broke ass, wrong side of the tracks family and she most definitely didn't approve.

So I can see why a mother wouldn't have wanted me to marry their son and rightly so, but not for the reasons SHE didn't approve! She didn't even know the truth of the matter.

No matter what, it seems in-laws can be rough. In looking out for their kin they seem to often do more damage.

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Now I really want to know what she did :O Glad it didn't stop you from getting married and being together, though!

It just caused some extra chaos that definitely wouldn't have happened if she'd have kept her nose out of it. Actually, when I wrote this post, I wasn't even aware of the whole story...

howdy @byn! that stupid timer!! dang. I hope you aren't enemies or anything, with your mother-in-law.

great job!

She never really even had a relationship with her son in the first place, so it's not like we were ever close. She had her moments of being proud of her grandchildren, though. I suppose that's something. She passed away in 2014 after a stroke and Patrick and I were both there to take care of her until she passed. I think the intervening years were as good as they could have been.

wow relationship with her son. something ain't right there is it? can't comprehend it.

It bothered me for YEARS, but that's just how she was. I don't know what was up, because she was the type that never spoke of emotions/anything other than putting on a front of 'acceptable'.

I'd like to know how she was raised and what caused the dysfunction or emotional disconnect.

We were always curious as well, but she never talked about it and refused to answer any questions, etc. She never would discuss ANYTHING even remotely unpleasant in any way. Even as a child, Patrick wasn't allowed to express emotions, especially negative ones. It's still something he struggles with.

I can see why Patrick struggles with expressing negative emotions..he's married to you so he doesn't HAVE any! lol

Hahahahahahahahaha... when I post HIS version of our wedding day, you might not want to read it. You can keep this wonderfully generous picture of me instead! :)

Looking forward to the rest of this story! So far, so good!

Thanks for the continued support! I just posted the next part today. :)

I should send you the prompt right now and make you write the next part of this story!!!! Want! to! Know!!!!

And then you went and gave me "Talking dog" which I THOUGHT about working in, but decided to write about our awesome dog instead.

Great start to probably an epic wedding story. Don't they always go all wrong in our heads?

I don't think it was probably anyone's idea of epic, or even very memorable for most people! I was a nervous WRECK, though, for reasons I still can't explain!

I love this story of your alternative style wedding @byn. I can relate a little as I like to do pretty much everything in an alternative way and your description of your hubby made me laugh

was always horrible at picking up hints or even recognizing a blatant come on from a woman and seemed hesitant to make the first move, so that doesn’t lend itself well to being a player.

This is exactly how I am, and when I was in university and met my then girlfriend she kept pinching me when we first met and I couldn't figure out why she was doing it. It turned out that she and her friend had a bet how long it would take me to figure out she was attracted to me. The pinching was her loosing the bet as I didn't notice for a whole day + evening despite her pretty much talking exclusively to me all that day. Some of us guys are truly not players lol

P.s. Great cliffhanger and hook at the end of your story also, now I am intrigued to hear what your step mother did!?

Hahahaha, yeah, he would tell me stories about girls hitting on him and didn't even realize while he was telling me the stories! I'd say, "Dude, she was hitting on you!" and he'd just think about it for a minute and then be like, "Oooooooooh...."

Silly man! It was funny throughout the years, every once in a while he'd pick up on things like that or a woman flirting with him and come home so proud that he caught on! He'd be, "Honey, the woman at the bank FLIRTED with me today and I NOTICED!" Lol

I like to joke Darla clubbed me on the head and took me home. It was pretty close to that!

Anyway, I'm actually bringing today's prompt:

Ha! Well, I definitely coerced him into getting married right then, but when it came down to it, I was the one who was so nervous that I almost backed out!

I really want to know what happened next, when the timer is up! Ah man! Glad you both are doing life together regardless of all that!

Thank you! I finally got the next part up. :)

Incredible story @byn. Great cliffhanger ending too! Congratulations to you and Patrick for your relationship and for making it work in the face of everyone and everything that said it shouldn't.

Oh yeah, it's been a wild rollercoaster of a ride for sure. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! I posted part two just a bit ago, if you're interested.

Hahaha you guys are really adventurous! Now I want to know what happened after this! Did she manage to do something, still?

Oh man, adventurous is definitely a word you can use to describe us at pretty much any point in the last 25 years!