How Did You Meet?

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I was telling someone the story of how my husband and I met and it got me wondering what interesting or romantic stories others might have?

First I should say that when I met my future husband I had given up on the idea of marriage for me. When I was younger I came close, even became engaged, but for good reasons called it off. I dated other men but found no spark.

A group of my girlfriends liked to go out to dance and I'd go with them. We had a lot of fun dancing but didn't find anyone special. Then one day we went to a different dance place and it became our favorite because there were more men than women there!

One day I took a friend there, her first time, assuring her that as a new face she would be asked to dance very quickly. But that didn't happen and she talked about going somewhere else. That's when I said these fateful words, “It's okay to ask a man to dance here. It's not like you're going to marry him!” Saying that I turned around and asked the first man I saw standing behind me to dance. He said yes and we danced one dance and then he disappeared! Oh well. By by then my friend was dancing and having a good time.

A short while later he showed up again and we danced and talked and arranged to see each other again. Later he told me that he had spotted me across the dance floor and was edging his way through the crowd over to me. He said he was just about to speak to me when I turned around, and it startled him!

We were married four months later, almost exactly from the day we met! My friend still teases me about saying you don't have to marry him. But I did!

Now I don't recommend marrying so quickly, it is not a good idea for everyone. But for us, it worked out fine and next year we will celebrate our 40th anniversary!

This is our engagement photo ~


And us 35 years later ~


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Now I'd like to hear your stories! Was it love at first sight?
Did you date each other for a long time before deciding?
How did you know they were the person for you?

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Hppy anniversary @donna-metcalfe. meeting someone special who we choose for our last love is always romantic thing no matter how did we meet and decided to marry the one we love is something not easy. but you did, and your choice is the best one. congratulation and wish you all the best.

I met my lady by "wrong number" call in 2005. a week later she call me, only to ensure I am one of her lost friend after Tsunami, that was normal for anyone found back their friend. But I said; I am not your friend and I haven't known you yet, would like to be one of your friend. but she said; Nope, and please do not call my number anymore.

A day later, I ask her name on text message, but no reply till a month later. Since I got the replay, I save her number, started to call sometime and I found the she only had a sim card without phone, the way she communicated with other was by borrowing her friend's phone and check the message.

July 2006, on my birthday, I bought her a phone and sent it to her address, lucky me, she got the phone, 2 months later I met her for the first time at her father house and propose her in front of her father, January 2007, I decided to marry her :)

A wrong number story? Really and truly, not in a movie but in real life? That is so great!
And then --

but she said; Nope, and please do not call my number anymore.

Ouch! What a door slammed in your face! I think maybe most men would have said, "The end." But like @cicisaja says, you must have heard something in her voice you could love and didn't give up trying to know her. I bet she was surprised to get the phone, and must have known you were a special man to do that. Yes, I can see why she fell in love with you!

Thank you for sharing your love story!

I know enough that women say no that does not really mean no.

but she said; Nope, and please do not call my number anymore.

That's one - she was testing you.

Recently, I heard a real life story where a young man pursued and followed a high school classmate through university, then work and received many "no" over many years and finally ...
happy ending.

That's a tricky one. Yes, some women say no as a test, some women say no and mean it. The fine line between being persistent and being a stalker!
My husband's brother is also one of the happy ending stories, admired a woman and gently pursued her for almost 20 years, off and on. (She married someone else so there was a hiatus there.) She finally said yes.

Whoooaaa... you must be in love with her nice voice and then shattered to the bones when you saw her smile 😂😂 that's so unbelievable.. you know marrying someone after a wrong number call or meeting on facebook still surprising people if they know that😊 anyway.. which one is this story for.. 😂😂😂

Happy 40th wedding Anniversary🌹 to both of you 💝

That's a lovely story and I can't believe that you really have that "love at first sight" experience😱 so Romantic🌷 you look alike to each other since the engagement @donna-metcalfe. People said if you look alike to each other's a true love and you are meant to be together forever😊

Allright.. do you really want me to tell ya about my live story 😂 how did I meet my other half. If you find your beloved one at the dance floor, I met my @dipoabasch on facebook 😅 not a love at the first sight for sure, and he refused to tell me what made him fallen for me while I took his request to marry me via long distance call on November 2009, 5 months after I accepted his friend request on facebook😊 why I said yes? Just for fun😂 but never thought I'd wore his ring 2 years after that, on our first face to face encounter in 2011.

I said I'd love to go to Sweden for a 4 months short course as a representative of an organization, he told me to choose between him and the courses. I said I'd better go to sweden rather than waiting for someone who never showed up😇 and then he came an we met.

I don't think I fall for him until he kissed me for the first time 5 hours after I came to fetch him at a place near the beach in Meulaboh, West Aceh😊 a place far far away from his homecand my home, then he took me home and asked my father to let us engaged. 5 years later in 2016, we got married because we have no other option but to be together for the sake of our crazyness for each other😂 and stopped the long distance relationship that cost us high expenses😆

we got married because we have no other option but to be together for the sake of our crazyness for each other
LOL! That is a good reason to marry!

You really met on FB? And agreed to marry him before you met in person, before your first kiss? Your man must have been very charming - and persuasive! And that must have been a thunderbolt of a kiss!

Yes I would call your story very romantic!
Except for the part about waiting 5 years to be married! It seems that it was worth it because you still sound crazy happy together! What a great story, thank you for sharing it! ♥♥♥

You really met on FB? And agreed to marry him before you met in person, before your first kiss? Your man must have been very charming - and persuasive! And that must have been a thunderbolt of a kiss!

yes, I believe that he knew me from my friend who married to his friend and got my phone numbe from her then he called me for 2 hours with the unstoppable sweet words that made me laugh out loud and think about to accept the proposal easily because I thought it was a joke and just for fun. we've never met for 2 years... only long and high cost night calls , facebook messenger and comment on status before we met in 2011... LOL. Yes, He has that "persuasive" things in him, something different and I've never heard from other boyfriends blushing and believe me.. it's a stupid kiss from a lucky beginner and I like it though. I told him, You've kissed me and now go see my father and ask him or you'll never meet me anymore for the rest of your life. Hahahahaha... laugh out loud @donna-metcalfe, it's true!

well.. 5 years waiting was our agreement, He has to accepted the condition, because I was working as a commisioner that time and tied up to the contract with the government not to leave my position for 4 years and it's also a time for him to accomplished his mission for his organization too. I don't know what made me believe that he's the one, But I pray every night just to ask from Allah, The Almighty to send him as my friend to live this life till the end. yeah.. we still have fun and enjoy the crazyness to each other until now and thanks to you too for sharing your story.

awwww I love your story @cicisaja!!

Thank you @lynncoyle1 😊 I love your story too

Congratulations! Blessings to you and your spouse! You are a very nice couple!

I came to the seashore, only for three days. I dived into the sea, there I hugged the mermaid and kissed her. She became my wife, and the mother of four children. I am the happiest underwater hunter in the world!

Thank you!

There is magic in a kiss! I think you found the most wonderful treasure in the sea!

No, not only in the sea, in the galaxy!))

Life is always full of surprises, isn't it? I haven't found the one for me yet, but I'm still young. Stories like yours make me believe that true love does exist, even though we're living in a society where people are getting used to shallow and short-term relationships. Thank you for sharing your story!

It sure surprised me! ;-}

I think it was good for me to have learned to live on my own, be happy with my own company and not be looking for a partner to "complete" me. And it did take some adjusting. Like learning that the only reason he went dancing was to meet women. Once we were married he didn't see any reason to go dancing anymore. I went dancing because I love to dance! So that was something we had to sort out.
But we were compatible in the important ways - we liked the same amount of garlic and hot spices in our food and visiting old book stores!

Our society may seem to embrace shallow relationships, perhaps more now than back in 'my day' but it was similar then too. I promise that the right one for you won't be interested in that kind of relationship. They will want what you want (mostly!). Remember the person you are looking for is also looking for you and wondering where you are!

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Great post @donna-metcalfe I would tell you how I met my wife but we have only been married 27 years. I better wait and make sure it works out ;) Great pictures of a lovely couple

LOL. You better not say that to your wife! Or maybe she married you because she likes your sense of humor? Oh come on now, I bet there is a story to tell!

40th anniversary! A number that is really worth a celebration!

Happy 40th anniversary to both of you! May you have better health and more years to count on!

Thank you!
Our 40th is actually next year but I gladly accept your well wishes! As the saying goes, "From your lips to God's ears!"

Oh huh... I guess I was so excited for the two of you that I was reading too fast and I skipped that "next year" here:

But for us, it worked out fine and next year we will celebrate our 40th anniversary!

But next year is just few sleeps away so with that my greeting stands. 😂

I just didn't want to claim credit for something I'm not quite entitled to! I accept your good wishes most gladly!

So, do you have a story to share? It's not a length of time competition! I just like how-we-met stories!

So, do you have a story to share? It's not a length of time competition! I just like how-we-met stories!

That sounds like a good theme for a contest - one that you host and I'll sponsor the prizes.


When I was reading the great stories I was thinking this would have made a fun contest! So yes, I like the idea but don't know where to start with creating a contest! If you're willing to guide me then absolutely yes! But are you sure you don't want to host it? You have more followers than I do.

They say things happen when you claim them but that is up to you...

I'll have a story to share when I get to meet him. 😉

aww I love this! I've got a great story for you, but I'm just about to close my laptop, so I'm leaving this tab open for tomorrow :)

I love these kinds of stories too! Looking forward to hearing yours!

Happy anniversary! That's a great story @donna-metcalfe :)

Here's mine:

One night my friend was out with a girlfriend at a restaurant/ bar, and the next day she gave me the name and number of "a guy you should meet". I rolled my eyes, asked her if she'd been drinking, to which she said, "only wine" haha. I took that piece of paper and threw it in my junk drawer. About three weeks later, my kids were at their father's place for the weekend and I opened up that drawer and thought, 'what have I got to lose'.

I messaged him on Facebook, we met for dinner the next night, talked for hours and hours like old friends, and moved in together 9 months later. Today Brian and I are, as you know, very very happy still :)

It's really funny how life sometimes works, isn't it?!

I love the 'roll you eyes' response! How many friends have we had who had just the guy for us? And a flick of the wrist might have put his number in the trash instead of your drawer!

But this time it brings true love! Oh yes, this is a lovely and romantic story!

It gives hope for the ones still wondering if there is someone out there for them - life can surprise you just like that! (snap of the fingers) =-)

Ain't it the truth sista!! :)

😇 oh my goodness @lynncoyle1.. I thought that you've been living with brian forever since childhood 😊 another facebook connecting love story, so lovely 😉. You make me "whoaaaas" again.

What a story!

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you! And it's all true!

I do have great real-life stories to tell but if I told, I'll be ❓...

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I'll go do that right now. I sure didn't unfollow on purpose! Glad you noticed and told me!

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Nope leave it be; probably just a glitch :) It's all good!

Still a dashing couple. Love does bring out the best in you!!

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