Flashback Friday: Little Cuddle Bunny and his PRESENTS! (Collage the Memories)🎁😻 👨‍👩‍👦

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Having a baby is like the beginning of all things in life
— wonder, hope, a dream of many possibilities."


Time flies really fast, moments like this should be treasured for last. I am glad that our deity from above showered me gifts which will fill my heart with love.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen and all the awesome people of Steemit I am pleased to share to you guys my personal moments with our cuddle bunny which includes the presents received from his loving family during his baptism and also the things we always do during weekends together with his grandma and grandpa. Have fun everyone!

Now that our little one is already baptized it has been a tradition to all filipinos to give presents to their "ina-anak (god-son)" so Baby Zach happily received a lot of presents from his god-parents and especially us parents of our little one we are so happy unboxing his presents and one of it that touched me and my wifey that is when we open this single gift we are genuinely surprised because it has a short letter addressing to our little one such a sweet"ninong(god-father)"

You know who you are buddy😁 ( I intentionally blur the photo )

Promise me bro that you will teach Zach techniques on how to solve brain cracking math problems and also teach him on how you do those crazy mental math🤣

I had fun unboxing all the gifts from his god-parents and now that Christmas is near I can smell bunch of gifts coming😂

After tearing all the gift wrappers I just can't deny that seeing all of his presents really put a smile to our faces. Now you will see some socks and shoes that will suit for travelling, One of which is a Marvel Superhero action figure namely Thor but sad to say Zach can't play this one yet, a teddy bear with its cute scarf, some baby clothes and a baby carrier which I really like because with this one we can now easily carry Zach with ease whenever we go outdoors.


He is completely surrounded with gifts

I never thought of this thing will happen to us, I never thought of receiving this kind of blessing, a blessing that will uplift my soul. I never thought of good things like this will happen to me. When I knew that I am going to be a father I was truly depressed knowing that I am still in college, lot of things came up in my mind, I was thinking of what will happen to me if the baby will born, can I support them? can I be a good father to my family? What would be the reaction of my parents if they will know that I am going to be a father soon. But I was wrong, Instead good things happen to me, My parents accepted me and helped me. And now we live in harmony with my family. LIFE IS THE BEST GIFT OF ALL!

smooch smooch.jpg

Stuffs we do during weekends together with Baby Zach's grandparents

I just love watching my parents snuggling with our baby. You see the fourth photo? LOL he always do that face when he's already annoyed and also when he's hungry😆


smooch! smooch! I don't know what's the best word that suits him😍

just slayin the doggy filter 🐶

And another doggy filter😂

Wifey snugglin Zach while wearing his chef like hat😋

Having a baby truly brings joy in our hearts making all the family members happy it feels like heaven to me honestly especially when I see my parents fill with joy cuddling with our baby. Whenever I am so upset by just looking or even a single glance to my family it really relieves me. I am so blessed that the deity splash some stardust from above and gave us this little one. This makes me say that I AM THE LUCKIEST AND THE HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE!


credits to @ted7(Zach's god-father) thank you ninong

Thanks for hanging in my fellow Steemians, I hope you had fun watching those images and his short clips. Feel free to comment your thoughts below guys

⛅⛅ Have a nice day everyone ⛅⛅




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Dude this awesome! Deserved my 10 cents full upvote ! :) The baby is so cute. Haha 😂😂

Soon he'll be able to understand the nature of this world.

Thank you buddy! He's geeting cuter every now and then😂

Yes soon, and I hope you will teach him some of your badass mathematical skills and some mental maths💯 and yea christmas is fast approaching you know what I mean😂

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