You Don't Need Anyone To Love You

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It is common for one to say, "I need someone to love me", and this is what will inspire such person to look for someone to be with. He or she might believe that the entirety will be satisfactory after they have found the desired soulmate.

Emotionally, they are in all likelihood to feel empty, and so it's far predicted that they'll come to a conclusion that they are lacking something. Their missing piece can be obtainable somewhere out there, in someone else, and the earlier this piece is discovered, the better.

The Norm

There is the danger that this is what they continually feel whilst they are not in a relationship, making it difficult for them to enjoy their company. They could even reflect on their past life and notice that they have been in this manner for as long as they are able to recall.

As soon as they are with someone, they may probably go from one extreme to another. While they were single, it could have been as if they have been residing alone in a deserted region, losing out; however, now they are with someone, they might feel complete and whole, and as though every need has been met.

However, even as they will feel this way from the start, this is unlikely to last for a lengthy period. Part of them is likely to worry that the other person will eventually leave.

And, if they pay an excessive amount of attention to this worry, they might end up pushing their partner away, thereby bringing into reality the very element that they worry about the most. However, despite the fact that this may not happen, probably a time will come when they might feel as though they are not receiving sufficient attention.

Time for a Change

As opposed to being able to see that it's far normal for a relationship to change as time goes by, they could have the need to receive the same amount of attention as they did in the beginning. This attention could have helped to maintain their inner emptiness at bay.

What they might do is change their appearance in some manner so that they can try to get their partner to act like they did before, or they might even look for someone else to be with. The closing issue they'll want is to be on their own if the relationship eventually comes to a cease.

The Big illusion

The factor is, even though, the love they're looking for is within them, and the best reason they're not able to comprehend this is due to pain that they may be carrying in their heart. This is also what is stopping them from feeling complete and whole.

Their heart is full of affection - so much love in fact, that the affection they get hold of from others will in no way match as much as the affection they will acquire from their heart. What's inside them is the real deal, the whole thing outside of them will pale in contrast.

Final thoughts

To be extra correct, their heart will need to be open for them in an effort to receive love from others. For that reason, they are wasting their time seeking out love whilst they are unable to embrace the love that is within them.

In the event that they were to turn back the hands of time, they may discover that what happened during their early years caused them to revel in plenty of ache. Together with this, there will also be the trauma that was passed down from their ancestors.

What is preventing them from having the ability to connect to the love that is within them will need to be brought out to the surface and acknowledged. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a healer.


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