The Love that Was Broken

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Love is the most magical thing in this world
It is indeed correct and true
One would understand and feel it the same way
That love creates magic on someone's life

But aside from it's magical
Until it is based on an illusion
An illusion that breaks someone's heart
That loving can kill

I always think of Bon Jovi's song
Too much love will kill you
Everything too much will kill you
The hurt that love brings

When is rejected or feel cheated
The efforts you've showered isn't enough
Your love ones love other people
This is the love that was broken

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Share us your thoughts about how love can break someone's life

How Deep is the Broken Heart?


Every thing in excess cause some disturbance in life even love.

Love can be an illusion or it can be real, depends on what you believe in. Love is one of the most complicated emotions human being had.

Excess of everything is bad...agreed

Real love is beautiful than other things in the world if the person is right for you! :)

Love is a philosophical phenomena. So definition of love depends on the person's approach towards love. Some one may feel that love is only about giving. He does not care for gains. But if you want something back, than you always find sorrow, lose and sufferings in the end. Beacause no one completely understands another person, not even his own mother or father. Another fact is that in this world no one is born to fulfill your wish. Everyone has his own freedom. But in love you loose that freedom. Expecting is an act of making someone precarious and dependent. So you have to be ready to face everything in love. Anything may happen there.

Love is just an illusion. But again love is everything.
Well written

In short: sad but true.

@efrenmangubat Actually no love is broken,
Maybe we love a broken person,
If you do not get love back,
Be grateful because you have felt the meaning of love,
Thank you very much

today is my birthday Is there anyone who honors me?

Love cannot kill, our perspective can
..if we think that we will die if a person will want to break off that we will die in a way. If we find motivation in something and focus on it our perspective about a problem will change and the problem will not be a problem no more :) love gives you power, and it will never go away, it is always in us, we just need to share it more.

I love this statement the most;-

Too much love will kill you
Everything too much will kill you.

Keep steeming Dear.

This is such a beautiful piece.

Love can break someone's heart when its been taken for granted. This is a very painful reality for a lot of people in love with people that don't understand what love is.

Great post, I'm also a writer .. We should collaborate sometimes 🌼

This poem makes me miss writing one. Keep posting!

Without pain, there's no Love at all.
I'd rather get hurt because I have love a person, than to feel nothing at all.

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love is a life.
cause if we don't have love. we will get war :)

Wao.... what a beautiful piece !

LOVE is the best medicine for the one, and most powerful weapon for other.
It depends on which side you are. :)

Oe, it is so sad.

Love is the best and worst of feelings. May it break or shape you, what matters is you have felt & shown what love is.

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wow such an amazing post!!!! i really enjoyed the read :) deep & powerful! great job!

The older I get the less I believe that true unconditional love doesn’t really exist.

Well my current love situation is weird but dont forget that love is all around us.It can be the person you kiss,a funny text from your friend or myb just looking at the moon for a while.It will find you.

no dout love is most precious thing on earth, we love various things arround us in which heart is the boss of all beloved things. Sometime we break heart by doibg silly actions thus it can not be repaired. People says that time heals but there is no way to put heart at its actual position. So heart go after heart its love, keep it under safe layer of softness, caring and kindness

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How beautiful. Exciting poetry.
I really like those writings.
Bye Bye!!!

Here is my introduceyourself post, if you wanna see:

Very touchfull post @efrenmangubat
Indeed, i felt what bonjovi's song lyric "too much love will kill you" and i've been murdered by my feeling to someone in the past. But now, i try to be carefull for searching real love.

Love, yes love. Sometimes love is incarnate in various flavors. There is a sense of happiness that brings laughter, there are injuries that are painful, there is a sense of longing that sometimes tortures, there is a sense of love that makes everything perfect and there is also a tear that can make a person feel happy but there is also a wound.

Of all that love I already feel it. Starting from happy to the presence of injuries. I've fallen in love then abandoned, I've fallen in love but then sayu, I've fallen in love but betrayed and I've fallen in love but never appreciated.

Good @efrenmangubat

Thanks @efrenmangubat for this great and poetic post of you; so to say. Love truly is one of the expressions that seemed to have lacked a perfect word or phrase to describe it's effect or influence on a person.

The fact that love can be broken, to me seems a bit ridiculous considering what true love actually is.

Well, everybody has his or her definition of love, but I think love is just like a 'seed' planted in one's heart, which need to nourished with practical actions beyond just saying I love you. And it takes two to love.

Too much of everything is not good. I strongly belief anything you are fully committed to should be of mutual benefit. Loving someone too much is a gamble expecially when it not on the same level by the other person. It leads to over expectation of living a dream not reality. This is a great post @efrenmangubat

The magic of Love brings one under a spell ,thereby result in illusion. Sometimes is good to love with your head not with your heart. That could be nice defence mechanism not to be in illusion. Thanks @efranmangubat

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Indeed love is magical. It's the most beautiful and fulfilling experience, feelings and emotion anyone can have. But, I believe love is not the one who kill you or hurt you. It's the betrayal and lies the other one commits. It's not the love itself.

@efrenmangubat Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself.

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Sometimes we do not realize when we start to die of love until the pain is very strong and we just want to get away

Simple and of great significance. I liked it very much thanks for sharing it with us, it continues like this. I wish you success. Greetings. I will be following you.

Love can either build you or destroy you, it depends on how you handle it. In love, you are always the captain of your ship so it really depends on you where you want to point your direction.