The Love with No Hope

in #love4 years ago

Loving Someone despite having no hope?


Have you ever experienced it?
Loving someone with no hope?
You, giving all the best in you
But her, can't even give a single time to you

Loving her was no hope at all
I could die waiting her yes
But I will die too when she will say no
Love is really like a game

The one who fell inlove first is the loser
The other one wins the game
With him having choices to choose
To love her or love another

Love is indeed the most magical thing
The thing that you can ever experience
Until it is based on an illusion
A sad reality that needs to be accepted

Loving should be caring and loving
Is with full of passion and hope
Loving in this kind of situation is one-sided
And would result to frustrations and pain.

Thank you, Love hurts


welcome to life. we are born pure and innocence until we start experiencing powerful emotions such as love. to feel love's painful sting is very tramatic, something i think no one however old gets over. it's true when you love someone, a piece of your heart always stays with them forever. alas, to feel true happiness and love, you must also feel the woes of a broken heart...

To love and at the same time to be loved is happiness.
Other options are pain.

The unfortunate truth.

Love begins with loving yourself first. That form of love is from a place of strength. I believe that often times, the forms of love that we see repeated over and over all around us, is from a place of lack, filling a void, from a place of neediness and insecurity. When someone truly loves themself, it's powerful. It become magnetic and the right people get attracted to them. There will be no end to the amazing people who come into their lives. And... that form of love won't be too upset when someone's path takes that person out of their life and on a new journey. They'll be genuinely happy for them, because the individual who loves themself is complete within themselves and will have unlimited love to share with others.

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That is killing enough than not loving at all. That can make you dead while alive

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Moving on is sometimes the only option, the pain will fade. Then it gives you the chance to find that one person that will love you back and give you the happiness you was searching for :) stay positive, i know i'm trying to right now, my heart was broken just 2 days ago.

Loving can not get, it hurt.
But, getting, but not in love, it's very hurt.
still much love waiting for you

hey, great post.
i feel ya.

Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go,..

Love doesn't drop on you unexpectedly; you have to give off signals, sort of like an amateur radio operator

love makes us suffering sometimes :( love make us feel good when we feel we are loved :(


Great poem!!

Love does not hurt, its the lack there off that causes pain, not love itself

Your last two paragraphs are as true as it gets

Hope that you find or have the kind of love your heart desires

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@efrenmangubat, the peom aroused my emotion. It made me remember the time I almost gave up on love.

When you believe a girl is the reason your breathing,
you did so much for her,
times you know should be used in your life progress,
you spending them on making her happy,
When you chose to rather be with her than be with people who have always been there.

Then one night, she called you to meet her at the favorite spot, giving u the shocker that your love was too much, you are giving her everything she wanted and not challenging her. She then tell you she is no longer interested.

It was a time I found it hard to understand whether is right or wrong to be deeply in love. And I felt love was a waste of time. When I got over her, I became more stronger and lovable.

Yes, I experiented this kind of love, and it was exhausting in all kind of ways. But he was not to blame, our energy-chemistry didn t get to a you where open, the other person stil brings you suffering even if you know the theory beneath it. So,in the end you must get back to you, love you more and wish for the best!

Todos hemos experimentado la sensación del amor,sino no has vivido a plenitud

Actually i love this

love without hope is very painful, upset, sad and lost the spirit of living life. Not only need an answer when the beginning of the relationship, when love is growing we need the certainty of the relationship we live. If in order to wait a moment may be patient, but if you want to wait until years, and no clarity must be very annoying and boring. Not just that alone, it seems the sacrifice we have done is just useless. Because the name is waiting for it already ngeluarin cost and time also certainly. And if the awaited never give certainty, it's better we look for another figure of love that can clearly provide hope and a better future. But it's all back to the individual, if you still feel confident to him, it would not hurt you to try to remain faithful to your sacrifice. But you also have to be ready to accept the risk and whatever will happen when choosing to wait.
Best Regard @airil280708

Love! Love! Love.. The most dangerous/best thing that can ever happen to man... Sometimes we love and don't get loved, we are loved and we don't love! Love in this life is a lesson to be learnt... If you are loved, cherish the love with your whole heart. TRUE love is hard to come by.