The sixth instalment in the book 'The stone the builder rejected' by J J dynamics!

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"In time mum got better and she returned to her flat where Cherry and Danny continued to care for her. My siblings and I kept in touch and during every phone call we would reminisce about our childhood, or catch up on events that had happened in our lives. Pearl finally filled me in on the gossip and lies that took place behind my back, and we spent some time clarifying what was true and not true. She also apologised for the part she’d played in stirring the pot and said she’d realised a lot of what had been said was rooted in Cherry’s dislike of her relationship with our mum. I knew Cherry did things and said things to divide us, but I was unaware of how far she went to destroy my relationship with my family.

Now that the truth was out, Pearl became angry and hostile towards Cherry and they would argue every time they met up. At first Cherry tried to play the victim and used the same tricks on me she’d played on Pearl, revealing secrets about Pearl and her family that Pearl told her in confidence. She revealed things that I’d told her about my relationship with Pablo and Jed, and she also made things up that didn’t happen. She’d used our separation to further divide us by falsely claiming we’d said horrible things about each other. The intention being to get one sister to side with her in whatever disputes she was having with the other.

Me and Pearl decided to keep what we knew to ourselves and just get on with caring for mum. We didn’t tell Danny about our conversation as we knew he was still very upset, he wasn’t one to join in in family dynamics".

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