Why do men like red?

in #love4 years ago

Because it stimulates the sexual abilities of men, red raises the emotional temperature between spouses and strengthens sexual energy, and raises blood pressure and pulse

The colors play a serious and important role in the lives of each couple, because they affect very strongly on the mood and psychological of each, and most doctors focused on psychology colors and their close relationship to the general mood of man, especially women because they are more volatile than men as a result of the changes Biological.

Firecrackers to attract your husband's attention and move his feelings. The most distinctive red color

The researchers pointed out that the red color is unique to romance and passion, because it increases energy and raises the body temperature, so Valentine's Day was characterized by roses and red hearts.

Red raises a man sexually

The red color of the appropriate and strong colors, which evoke the couple's hairs, if the family looks at its colors and beauty, it strengthens sexual energy, raises blood pressure, pulse, and raises the emotional bonds between the couple, Vahrisi dear that this color is a priority of your choices for your sleep clothes.

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