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It's the season of love and I am super excited about it. Are you?
When I am asked about the things I love, after mentioning all the numerous things I love, I always equally add


love-3134063_1280 (2).jpg

Love is beautiful. Love is nourishing, yes it is. It makes you glow even amidst all the hassles of life. Love is sweet. Love is life's free gift to both the rich and the poor. How real it is is not determined by social class. I am not forgetting the fact that it comes with its challenges but as always love always makes the difference.

I am a true believer of love not because I haven't been hurt before but because I know it is real, I have so much love to offer and I have a heart willing to accept love in full.



  1. Tell us if you believe in Love and why.
  2. I love sweet surprises and gifts and it is the season of love.
    •Tell us about any surprise you have given to a loved one or received from a loved one.
    •Suggest what you consider a suitable Val gift for a loved one.


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Good Luck Darlings, Remember it is the season of love. Show love to everyone around you.

Let's have some healthy fun.


Yes, I believe in love! Because the world feels very empty and lonely without it.

Best surprise: An unexpected surprise visit from my boyfriend. He was in South Africa and I was travelling to the U.S for two months. We hadn't seen each other for the past month and the was no hope of reuniting, only to meet him standing with flowers at Murtala Muhammed international airport.
I didn't even want to travel again, we just hugged each other till I almost missed my flight.

Suitable gift Well, anything thoughtful is a suitable gift.
I love cake so... tasty cake with whipped cream works for me.
For guys: his fav wine, nice vintage shirts, stockings, a scrapbook of all your memories together, ties and cufflinks, etc.


Happy Valentines guys 😚

Without love, our world is a tomb. I wish you all the best :)

  1. Yes i believe in love because God in his infinite mercy has already set an example of love by giving out his only son. So therefore who am i not to believe in love

2.I gave someone i loved on her birthday a shoe and quality hand bag
Its quite funny but i have received a clipper as a birthday gift

3.the best suitable valentine gift for the person you love is the quality of your time you spend with her


Nothing beats the quality time spent with a loved one


Sometimes i do have mix feelings about love depending on the type... Generally, love makes the world stay round just as money makes the world go round !!!

I for one do receive gift and give gift out!!! the best i have received and given is/was TIME..... it is a priceless gift that is invaluable.... I appreciate that alot than material gift...

Honestly, i dont buy the idea Val cos i show and receive love every day. Therefore, everyday Val(Love) is, showing the person i care from the heart and action not from words

Yes, i believe in love because I'm a product of love (I've experienced it first hand) and love makes the world go round.

I'd always said my husband wasn't good at surprises which i love. He used last valentine's day celebration to prove me wrong. We left home for work and while at a meeting at work, i got a call to come to the reception as i had a guest. On getting there, i was surprised 😳 to meet a delivery man with a cake at hand courtesy of my husband.


A valuable val gift for a loved one would be a gift that communicates love and/or meet a need e.g a MacBook for my husband, perfume, an all expense paid trip to a choice location, favourite meal prepared and delivered, a car key, some SBD 😀😀😀


Lol... Well said.

1.Although i have been severely battered in the guise of love,I strongly believe in LOVE because love is the essence of life,love heals.

2.well,the best surprise/gift i have received was a breakup letter on valentines day...yea,i know.

3.To me a suitable valentine gift would be a camera,dinner night,a game of scrabble with wine and some snacks,A computer,a stroll on the beach would have been awesome but we dont have any here in portharcourt, a box of chocolate and a him and her sneeker.


Awwwwwwwwwww... Sorry about that dear.

Tnx dear..took a while

Yes,i believe in love because Christ is love.

Best surprise:it was when my husband woke me up with gifts on my last birthday,it was such a memorable day because i didn't think about such happening to me.

Suitable gift:Anything beautiful is ok for me.

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Yesssss I believe in love because at a time when I was going through what would seem like the hardest phase of my life, God sent me an angel inform of man and today I call that man my husband.

The best gift I ever received was on my birthday 2years ago when he proposed to me just 3months into our relationship. He found me worthy of the risk and ever since then it's been a smooth sailing.
What I find as a suitable Valentine gift is your presence and attention. That does it for me anyway anytime #lovecontestIMAG1490.jpg

YES i do believe in love whenever im with him i've always feel complete , i believe in love because he loves me first. He loves me at my worst thats why he deserves me at my best. I believe in love because thats what i always felt about him, now that we have our bundle of joy (our son)our love for each other goes deeper and deeper as time goes by. I believe in love because there is no dull moment with him. I believe in love because he is not perfect and so do i but we love each others imperfection. I believe in love because i trust him with all my heart. I believe in love because that is all what i felt for him ..
He surprise me this morning with his valentines present for me


Awwwwwwwww.... Val already looks good on you. Happy Valentine's Day

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Yes sorry just been busy i will resteem it now and upvote and followed you also anyway thank you for this opportunity happy valentines day to you

I believe in love,infact i cant underestimate the power of love
The greatest surprise ive ever done was the day i took my baby girl out on a date to a musical concert and i sang love songs for her



You are yet to resteem and that is part of the rules of this contest


Nice. The rules state that you drop your entry as a comment. Check the comment box on ur post.

Can't partake because no friends to solicit for their upvotes ( newbie). Just wishing everyone who partakes on this goodluck. Happy valentine to you @gee1 ❤🌸💏 💏.

Same here darling, the fate of a newbie...lool....
All the best to all contestants and happy val's day😘😘😘

You never know. Just give it a shot☺i also will be participating even though i know i have 0% chance of winning. Do it for fun and the exposure

I still awaiting your entry

I think i like you @rumaisah

I am equally new here,no harm in trying out💪

Ok this is sweet but in no mood to discuss love
Runs awt


Love is a beautiful thing.

Dis is a good one...wish d contestants best of luck...

Yh... Thanks

Yes I believe in love. Love is like sunshine. It brings a golden glow to its beholder's face. And a warm feeling all over their body. It awakens souls and opens eyes. And when its over, it leaves billions of small memories called stars. To remind the world, that it still exists.
I'm newbie
Wishing all the contestants best of luck

Happy Valentine eveyone
Still jennyluv!!!

Happy Val to you too dear

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Why are you not part of the contest?

Am new here was thinking that I don't have chance to win because no friends to upvote that's why I followed,upvoted and wished all the contestants good luck.

You did well dear but never allow the fact that u are a newbie stop u.

I have followed all the rules, what then is mine?

Awesome job you're doing. I wish you all the best.

Love is all we need, love conquers all. good one.

Love is more than just feelings. Love is simply a decision. What is left after all the crazy feelings is called "love" only if it drives you to a positive action that completes the other person. Happy valentines!

Very true. Thanks for dropping your thoughts.

Brilliant.... I love love.. Can't wait to see amazing entries. Thumbs up dear.